On the following page you can read testimonials about the experience of MBA part-time students at Luiss Business School and their experience abroad

My experience at Luiss Business School




After my degree in Historical Sciences I started working in the insurance and financial field. While working in this sector I understood what I really like, but I didn’t have the right skills to make progress within my company. The wish to improve personally and professionally brought me to look around and I understood that an MBA could be perfect for me to acquire the right competencies and an international vision of the working world that I wanted.

The MBA at Luiss Business School was an inevitable choice, given the well-known name for quality and seriousness, and the part- time formula allowed me to not face a drastic choice, between my work and my desire to improve.

MBA is not just a master, it pushes you to deal with the world of work, working on a project in groups, with people of different professional skills, different cultures from around the world, and thus developing managerial skills, cross cultural skills and a global vision of the world of work.

I think that the today’s business environment has become very fast and competitive, and in order to face this change and competitiveness you need to have two fundamental qualities: an advanced professional knowledge and a wide international mentality. I believe that the Luiss MBA Part-Time allows you to improve both aspects.


Daniele_licoMy academic background is in Economics and my career path has been in Marketing, but still the choice of the Luiss MBA represents an outstanding chance to strengthen above all hard and soft skills needed to be successful leaders, avoiding to interrupt  my professional life. The entire program cleverly balances solid roots in the theoretical aspects with their practical applications, with the purpose to build a well-rounded manager. Testimonials coming from many different industries and the strong network of the school together with the business environment complete this amazing and challenging program that will definitely improve your approach to the Business.


GrecoAfter getting my high school diploma, between Italy and USA, I decided to continue my studies by enrolling in an Economics bachelor here in Rome, but which was strongly focused on European and international integration. In 2011 I won a H2CU (Honors Center of Italian Universities) scholarship, so I had the opportunity of doing part my master’s degree research thesis in New York. At the end of the same year, just a couple of months after my graduation, I got hired in BNL – BNP Paribas, initially as a stageur in the Operations Headquarters. Within the same division, I was involved in many job rotations with increasing responsibilities over the years, including treasury, international checks and cash management, so that I could expand my banking knowledge and develop my skills on different processes, with the application of the lean six sigma methodology. I succeeded in entering the Energy Lab 2016-2019 Talent Program, and finally, in February 2017, I completely changed my role inside the company moving to Project Management in Scenario & Consulting, an internal entity providing consultancy and PMO for all the macro transformational projects of BNP Paribas in Italy, set in the wonderful location of Via Veneto.

I chose the Luiss MBA Part-Time Formula because I felt it was the best way of investing in myself as I wanted to strengthen my background and improve my soft skills. I felt it a unique opportunity of studying while boosting my working career at the same time, being fully taught in English, in an innovative, internationally-oriented, challenging environment.

This MBA gives a T-view on the core of economics and management with general tools together with insights in programs like Adventure, Field-Project, Soft Skill Labs and meetings with C-level executives of international companies. It’s not just theoretical but pragmatic as well, so I was able to put into practice what I learned from the MBA in my job straight away! I also had the opportunity to spend a month at ESSEC University in Paris in the context of the MBA Exchange Program, an amazing experience which I’ll never forget. Being a former competitive swimmer, I was glad I was able to join the Luiss Swim Team, meaning the Business & Sports can go together, a view firmly supported and encouraged by this University.

Luiss MBA is not only a program but a never-ending enriching journey. Certainly, it’s not easy, and a lot of effort and motivation will be needed to face all the difficult challenges that will come along the path, but it’s the challenge that makes it great! I’m proud of the win-win decision I made because of the strong brand Luiss Business School has, together with its excellent faculty, colleagues and network. I believe education is the best field in which to invest, embedded in a “life-large” learning vision, and I can already feel this MBA has enhanced my personal and professional growth allowing me to step forward and reach my dreams.


GabrieleAfter my graduation in marketing, I spent 7 years in four big auditing/consulting firms. Afterwards, I developed my profile as finance, tax and administration manager in various and more complex manufacturing/service companies.
Attending Luiss MBA was simply a “gift” to myself, to prove I could get it and, finally to step forward as a manager. I chose Luiss Business School simply because I believe it’s the best business school and… finally… I was right!! The Luiss Part-Time MBA is an impressive program that allows you to develop your skills and open your mind. You will be taught by the best possible teachers and receive an impressive amount of teaching material. Very useful are also the soft skills lessons, the team building activities and all the meetings with high experienced managers. Finally, Luiss Business School staff is always at your disposal for any needs our suggestions.
My advice is simply to enjoy this incredible experience and to take every opportunity that the program offers, despite of any personal experience. There’s always a different point of view or something to learn, even when we believe to be high skilled! And, finally, remember that you are doing this big step first for yourself as a person and then for your career.


paoloA Part-Time MBA is the right choice if you want to study while working. And every day you can put into practice what you have learnt in the classroom, making your courses more effective. It is an excellent way to accelerate your career. Luiss Business School is synonymous with quality and its name is very well recognised in the marketplace.


lauraI’ve chosen MBA Part-Time at Luiss Business School because in this way I can continue working job and, at the same time I have the chance to take on the opportunity to acquire more skills. This is the chance to change and improve my career. The School is well organised and teachers underline both the most important theoretical aspects and, especially, the practical ones.


Eugenio_PartTime I decided to attend an MBA programme to improve my soft skills with the aim to boost my career in the short and medium run. In particular, through the Part-Time programme, I can work and study at the same time implementing the tools and techniques I have learnt at school.


MarcoI decided to undertake the MBA programme because I firmly believe that the road for professional success passes through work, commitment, and continuous self-improvement. A path that is a solid step towards my future career as a manager.


GiuseppeThe Luiss Part-Time MBA is a well-structured programme that allows you to develop your skills as a manager. You will study with the best teachers and with really committed students that come from several sectors. Thanks to the Part Time structure you will be able to immediately practice what you’ve learnt in your own job, in addition you will build a solid network with many professionals from the best companies in the world.


DonatellaI studied Political Science and I’ve always worked in the communication sector. I’ve chosen the MBA to better understand the company I work in and its mechanisms, from the financial to the organisational ones. At this particular moment in time, I’ve decided to invest in myself, trusting in my potentials and needing to feed my hunger of knowledge and learning. I also wanted to develop my soft skills, and a class made of different professionals coming from all over the world is exactly the place that can help to improve yourself.

The MBA is the best way to widen your mind, knowledge and professional network while making a life changing experience. The part time programme is the perfect match if you want to become extremely competitive in the marketplace and not giving up the professional experience.

My experience abroad


Alessandro Ripanti, HR Specialist at ICCREA Banca

Exchange destination: Indiana University, Kelley School of Business, USA

“The University is really well-organized; it provides students with lots of services and the quality of courses is high. The classes are full of international students and you have the possibility to connect and work with people from all over the world. Being a student gives you the free access to the Sport Centre, a building with 3 floors and a swimming pool where you can practice any kind of sport you want”.

Alessia Radicioli, Business Manager in the Corporate Marketing & Business Strategy Office, BNL – BNP Paribas Group

Exchange destination:
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Kenan-Flagler Business School, USA

“My experience abroad was really powerful, interesting and challenging. I enjoined so much my time at UNC Kenan-Flagler BS! The campus was amazing with useful and well-organized facilities. I attended three courses: Global Marketing, that was more than a marketing course with a focus on innovation management and international development; Communication for developing leaders and Groups and Teams organization, which were complementary together.   The Full-Time students were really hospitable; and the exchange students were cooperative and friendly. The city of Chapel Hill is people-oriented and at the same time it has an international environment due to the UNC presence. People are really warmth! I cannot ever forget them!”

Francesco Panegrossi, Programme manager at Domedica

Exchange destination: University of San Diego, USA

“The experience was great! I had the opportunity to spent 5 months in San Diego, one of the most beautiful places in the US. I attended Problem Formulation & Decision Analysis, Marketing for Global Managers, Entrepreneurship, Business & Social Innovation and Business Environment in Asia & Pacific Rim… The city is wonderful, especially the neighborhoods near the ocean.”