Career Service

Career Services is an integral part of the Part-Time MBA Programme.

It guides and supports participants during the Programme by:

  • Providing the tools and knowledge to define and execute an effective career strategy
  • Having a positive impact on business
  • Enabling participants to bring more value as team members and as leaders, by being more confident decision-makers and communicators, able to operate across a wide range of functions

Career Services support includes:

  • Career Counselling:
    Helping participants to assess their professional expectations based on their competencies, attitudes and aspirations.
    Supporting students to increase their employability and to identify the best possible career path: awareness of professional profile.
  • Participant support and personal CV review:
    Supporting participants in defining their career development, from the editing of the individual profile (CV) to the simulation of recruiting interviews.
    Individual meetings with Career Services will be organized with each participant.
  • Job Market Scouting:
    Helping participants to identify the best opportunities for professional development.
    Ensuring an effective job matching between their professional profiles and job market openings.
    Individual session of “job market scouting” with a specific focus on “digital media job search”.

Company Presentations

We keep a close link with the business community as we organize company presentations and networking events, promoting a continuous exchange of experiences and information about industry trends and employment opportunities.

Testimonials by managers will be organized on campus. These are opportunities for participants to go in depth to understand the business challenges of some of the most important Italian and multinational companies

Field Project

During the final months of the Part-Time MBA, students apply the skills acquired during the program to a field project. Part-Time MBA students are divided by the Faculty into groups, and each is given a real business project within a leading Italian or international company, working side by side with highly experienced managers developing the project. In the past students have worked with companies such as Abbott, Disney, Microsoft, the Coca-Cola Company and Wind3.  The Field Project is coordinated by the Career Service team and is a fundamental part of the Part-Time MBA Program

Individual Coaching Program

The Part-Time MBA Program offers a unique personal experience via its individual coaching program. Coaching is a partnership between students and professional coaches. Through a thought-provoking and creative process, students are inspired to maximize their personal and professional potential, enhancing self-awareness and reflection about personal values, skills, desires and goals. Students will be offered one-on-one coaching with an experienced personal coach certified by the International Coach Federation.