Professional and personal growth

Professional and personal growth activities help students define their personal career strategy and achieve their goals by providing tailored support and skills development.

Coaching programme

The part-time MBA programme offers a unique personal experience via its individual coaching program: a partnership between students and professional coaches.

Through a thought-provoking and creative process, students are inspired to maximise their personal and professional potential, increase their self-awareness and reflection on personal values, skills, desires and goals. Students are offered one-on-one coaching with an experienced personal coach certified by the International Coach Federation.

Career advisory

The personal career advisor supports students in their efforts to increase their employability and define their career-development paths and goals.

Our career advisors support the part-time MBA students throughout the entire programme, enabling them to:

  • Provide the tools to define an effective strategy
  • Have a positive impact on business
  • Bring more value as team members and as leaders by being more confident be better decision-makers and communicators, able to operate across a wide range of functions

Key activities include:

  • Career counsellingto help students understand and building their professional profile
  • Job market rules orientation to support participants to define their career path and build their online personal brand

Project advisory

Projects advisors are managers or professors who support and advise students during projects, especially during the capstone project, mainly the Final Capstone Project.

A project advisor is a crucial source of expertise, guidance, support and encouragement, and makes a further contribution to students’ success.