Labs develop skills and new competences required by today’s world in order to form successful professionals in the times of rapid change.

Leading People

Develop the key skills needed for mastering the human side of business – managing teams both strategically and competently.

Management Communication: Advanced Persuasive Speaking
The Lab will help students to become more confident when delivering presentations, to better understand the basics of communication and to put together a professional business presentation that leads to positive action.

Life Skills Lab
This lab helps students explore the attributes and competencies that are key for becoming a leader—skills that span across teams, businesses, markets, and the individual.
Particular attention is paid to supporting students in achieving a balance among work, personal life, and studies during their participation in the Part-Time MBA programme.

Leading Change

Harness the power of change and transform your mindset to improve the job place.

Leadership and Self-Awareness Lab

This Lab will enhance your self-leadership by exploring the topic of self-leadership by addressing self-awareness, self-confidence and self-efficacy. It will also provide a space where students can exchange ideas and strategies on dealing with leadership-related challenges in the business environment.

Social Impact Lab

Lab on cultural knowledge and social awareness through a teamwork competition to find the best solution to a real ethic and social issue. Students will have the opportunity to collaborate with social entrepreneurs and NGOs and learn from them.

Experimental Labs

Learn by doing. Try to solve real cases, business or social ones, putting the theoretical principles into practice.

Project Management Lab

The Project Management Lab identifies a project’s characteristics in terms of objectives, stakeholders, and organizational aspects. It provides students with the skills they need to formalize a project’s scope, determine the work breakdown structure (WBS), and manage the various processes and tools.

Adventure Lab- Entrepreneurial Project

Practical work on entrepreneurial project, facing the challenges of developing new ideas for doing business. Cooperation with Business angels, seed financers and venture capitalists will end up with a selection of the best business ideas.