siluette-maschileGianfranco is graduated in Mechanical Engineering and has a PhD in Thermo-Mechanic Engineering Systems. Soon after his graduation Gianfranco became Affiliate Professor of Technical Physic.
In 2000 Gianfranco joint Mckinsey & Co. where he held the position of Associate Partner in the industrial sectors, mainly in Power&gas, Oil and Basic Material.
In 2010 Gianfranco joint Azimut|Benetti Group, world leader in luxury yachts production, as Central Director and CEO of all the foreign companies.
After one and half year, Gianfranco decided to come back in the consulting joining 3H partners. In parallel, Gianfranco came back to the teaching in London, Milan and Rome.
At the beginning of 2016, Gianfranco was designed by the Health Ministry president of Istituto Nazionale di Oncologia and Genetica molecolare.
He is board member of iStarter, involved in many start-ups and scale-ups, and he sits in some crucial boards.