International Experience
International Experience
“Learn to travel. Travel to Learn.” Study abroad is a unique experience that gives you a new perception of life, while achieving new skills and enriching your curriculum.
International Experience
International Experience
Exchange Programme

Luiss Business School International Office promotes graduate student exchanges through bilateral exchange agreements. We provide information and assistance to Luiss Business School students willing to spend a period abroad with one of our partner universities. Moreover, we are very glad to welcome the incoming students in Rome and assist them during their exchange period.

Luiss exchange agreements are based on reciprocity; our students are waived from tuition fees at the hosting institution and vice versa. Nevertheless, students have to pay for their costs of travel, living and immigration documents and extra fees required by some partners.


Domestic students willing to make an experience abroad can find more information in the section Outgoing students.


International students enrolled in a partner school, interested in attending an exchange programme at Luiss Business School.

For more information about Visa and residency permit please click here


Luiss Business School’s students can act as Buddies for the incoming exchange students. Participation in the Buddy Programme is voluntary, candidates may write to:
Buddies help the exchange students to settle in to our student life:

  • “life-at” question by e-mail
  • introduction the student to the class and the student activities when in Rome.


Luiss Business School offers its best and most motivated students the opportunity to complete the programme in a qualified International Business School through its Exchange Programme. Students will spend a period abroad (length of the period varies according to the school and programme which the student is selected for) but remain enrolled at Luiss Business School.
Language of instruction at partner school is English, unless differently indicated by the International office on the presentation.
The list of partners can be found on the dedicated section. Students can not, unless instructed to do so by the International Office, contact partner schools directly.

Exchange Partners

Call for the Exchange Programme

Upon the enrollment at Luiss Business School, students will find the Exchange Handbook on the Moodle Platform in the section “International Experience”. The Exchange Handbook is the students’ guide for the application for the exchange programme. It contains the list of partner schools, the courses open to exchange students, useful information on the destinations and the guidelines for the application.

To be able to take part in the exchange programme students should make sure to be regularly enrolled i.e.:

  • having completed their Bachelor’s programmes by the time of application for the exchange programme, i.e. provide Luiss secretary office with their diploma;
  • having finalized the due payments of the tuition fees and duty stamps;
  • international students cannot apply for the exchange programme in the country of their citizenship.

For Master programmes taught in English
Students enrolled in master programmes taught in English will have a possibility to apply for 3 different periods abroad: spring, summer or fall. The call for the spring departure will be open at the end of September and is related to the exchange period end of March – June. The Call for summer and fall departures will be open in December and is related to the exchange periods June-July and September-December.

For Master programmes taught in Italian (October start)
Students enrolled in master programmes taught in Italian will have a possibility to apply for 2 different periods abroad: summer or fall. The Call will be open in December and is related to the periods abroad June-July or September-December. To be able to participate in the exchange programme students should have reached a B2 level of English during the admission process at Luiss Business School.

For Master of Art and Master in Food and Wine Management
Students enrolled in master programmes in Art and Food and Wine Management will have a possibility to apply for January – May period abroad of the year following the completion of Luiss courses. The Call will be open in July. To be able to participate in the exchange programme students should have reached a B2 level of English during the admission process at Luiss Business School.

For MBA programmes
Students enrolled in MBA programmes will have a possibility to apply for 2 different periods abroad: summer or fall. The Call will be open in December and is related to the exchange periods June-July or September-December.

Exchange agreements are based on reciprocity, students are waived from tuition fees at hosting institution with the exception of some summer schools. Nevertheless, students have to pay for their costs of travel, living, immigration documents. Students should remember that there is a limited number of places available at each school, hence each place is assigned to a competitive procedure. For competing applications, hosting institutions will be assigned on the basis of a merit list.

Selection criteria

  • English language knowledge (minimum level required is B2)*;
  • Knowledge of the second foreign language;
  • Previous degree grade;
  • Years of working experience (only MBA students);
  • Current grades (if applicable);
  • Motivation.

*The result of the English Assessment Test taken at Luiss Business School during the admission process.

Specific criteria of the schools, such as English knowledge certificates or minimum working experience are paramount and mandatory.

Merit list
Hosting institution will be assigned on the basis of a merit list and then on the preference order expressed by candidate students (i.e. the first student on the merit list will get his first choice, following students on the merit list will get their first choices, unless spots available for those particular choices have already been assigned to previous students in the merit list, if so, they will be assigned to hosting institution in their preference list that have not yet been assigned to  other students).
Students that have not been assigned to any hosting Institution will be placed on a reserve list, in order of merit list. The vacant slots (those who have not been assigned and those that have been made available by withdrawing students) will be offered to the students in the reserve list. The reserve list is not subject to preferences expressed in the application.

How to participate

  • Download and explore the Exchange Handbook available upon the beginning of your programme on;
  • Make a formal application on web self-service indicating up to 3 destinations in order of preference and attach your Resume in English and a Motivation Letter. The application is not binding.
  • 1 out of 3 indicated destinations will be assigned to you according to the merit list;
  • Make a final decision and accept or refuse the assigned destination. The acceptance is binding.
  • Nomination of the selected students to partner universities.

The hosting institution can refuse a candidature without the need of a formal explanation.

Accommodation abroad
Partner schools assist students in accommodation seeking, offering rooms in the school’s campuses or providing them with private room solutions.

Assistance abroad
Partner institution coordinator will be assigned to each student; thus, all students will have a point of reference at a partner university.  However, students can always contact LUISS Business School International Officer for any issues related to their study abroad programme.


Luiss Business School is glad to welcome exchange students coming from its partner universities!

Who can participate
Only students from Luiss Business School’s Exchange Partners can take part in the programme. Incoming students are nominated by their home university coordinator, according to the home university selection regulations.
In the Exchange Partners section, students can check if ytheir home institution is taking part in the exchange programme.

General conditions
In order to participate in the graduate exchange program, students should hold a bachelor’s degree and be enrolled in a graduate programme at their home institution (Master programme or MBA programme).
Incoming students may attend Luiss Business School on a no tuition fee, non-degree basis. Participating students will continue as candidates for degrees of their home Institution and will not be candidates for degrees at Luiss Business School. Only those exchange students who will successfully complete courses at Luiss Business School will obtain credits at their home university in accordance with the regulations of their home university.
If you are interested in taking part in this programme, please refer to the international office at your home university.

Nomination procedure
All exchange students must be nominated by their home university. A home coordinator should fill out the following form.

Nomination deadlines

  • Fall semester: May 15
  • Spring semester: October 31
  • MBA Summer Term : February 15

Application procedures
After being nominated by their home university, exchange students will receive an email with all the necessary information on the application procedure.

All Luiss Business School programmes have limited availability. Places will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis, according to the application order.
All nominated students will be informed in advance about the exact date and time in which the application will open. The application form will be sent by the international office and should be filled in online, attaching:

  • Master programme transcript;
  • Proof of English proficiency;
  • English CV;
  • Photo-page of ID or passport;
  • ID-format digital picture.

The original documents are not required. Students should make sure to have the documents ready when the application opens.
As places in each programme are limited, students should indicate 3 programmes in order of preference. The programme will be assigned on a first-come first-served basis.

Before filling up the application form, which will be sent by email, students are advised to consult their home coordinator on a master programme choice, to be sure that the exams taken at Luiss Business School will be recognized by their home institution upon their return.
As soon as application forms are processed, the International Office will send the acceptance confirmation to the students.
Hard copies of the acceptance letters will be sent only to students who must apply for a visa.

Application deadlines 

  • Fall semester: June 15
  • Spring semester: November 15
  • MBA Summer Term: February 28

Academic CalendarMBA:

  • Term 1: end of October –December/January*;
  • Term 2: January – March;
  • Term 3: April – May;
  • Term 4: June – July.

One-year Master programmes:

  • Semester 1: end of September – December 23/January *
  • Semester 2: January – April/May.

*Some master programmes may have exams in January. In case, semester II at home university starts in early January it will be possible to take remote exams

Academic year 2020-21

MBA full-time calendar

  • Term I: October 19 – December 18, 2020/ January 2021**
  • Term II: January 11 – March 18, 2021
  • Term III: March 19 –  May 31, 2021
  • Term IV: June 7 -July 23, 2021

** Exams are included in the dates. Some exams will take place in January. In case, semester II at home university starts in early January it will be possible to take remote exams.

Check the MBA calendar here

Language requirements
In order to participate in the exchange programme at Luiss Business School, incoming students should have a minimum of B2 level of English language. The level can be certified by Home university.

Course choice
Luiss Business School offers different one-year master programmes and two MBA programmes fully taught in English. Students who have working knowledge of Italian will be able to attend Italian-taught master programmes.

Master programmes taught in English and open to exchange students:

Nominated students can consult a full course list with his/her home coordinator. Incoming students must follow all courses of the Master of choice with the exception of Employability Lab and Critical Thinking Lab.

Grading system
Individual courses are graded on a scale of 18/30. Exceptional students may be awarded 30 cum laude (30 with honors). The minimum passing grade is 18/30. Grades below 18 are considered to be failing grades and are not registered.

Click here to download the guide that illustrate the Italian grading system with reference to US and UK systems.

Italian language course
LUISS University offers to all its international students a free Italian Language Course, organized by the Luiss Language Center, as a useful tool to learn some basics in Italian, or, for those who already have some knowledge, to improve and to reach a higher level.
The course will take place on Saturday mornings (in order to avoid overlapping with all the different timetables) on Viale Romania Campus (address: Viale Romania, 32, 00197 Roma).
A level test is usually scheduled for mid-September/mid-January, in order to split students into groups, based on their knowledge of Italian.
The course usually starts in late September/ February and students will receive more detailed information regarding timetables before the beginning of the course. Please be informed that the course needs to be selected by a minimum number of students in order to start.

Luiss Business School Campus
Luiss Business School Campus is located in Villa Blanc (address: Via Nomentana, 216 – Rome) Villa Blanc is the result of an important restructuring process conducted by Luiss University with the aim to restore its original beauty.
The architectural jewel of the 19th century was built according to the wishes of Baron Alberto Blanc, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Crispi’s Cabinet.  The campus will ensure students a unique learning experience thanks to the digital technologies offered combined with the prestigious historical setting.
The location is formed by a main villa and six smaller villas situated in a vast park.

Download the Fact Sheet for Incoming Students!