Strategy Challenges in the 21st Century: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Coopetition
Strategy Challenges in the 21st Century: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Coopetition
LUISS Business School - Viale Pola, 12 - 00198 Roma

LUISS Business School is glad to host the SMS 2016 Special Conference on June 5-7, 2016.

In this conference, we are looking at some of the twenty-first century’s most fundamental challenges in the strategic management realm: exploring the interfaces of innovation, entrepreneurship, and coopetition. In essence, we shall try to respond to a range of momentous questions. Since entrepreneurial communities foster open communication, creativity, experimentation, intellectual curiosity, and tolerate failure as well as celebrate successes, how are they organized? What type of organizational structure and management practices are most conducive to absorbing knowledge from competitors? How do technological forces drive the process of coopetition? How can entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial managers benefit from pursuing coopetition strategies? What are the main enablers of cooperation and coopetition in creative industries? How is it possible to support value creation and value appropriation in creative business models? How differences in culture and approach between partners affect cooperation and coopetition in creative industries?

Investigation on entrepreneurship and innovation has received increasing attention in strategic management in the last decade. While the two areas have been experiencing incredibly rapid growth, we perceive two clear gaps hindering further advance.

In its recent advancements, innovation is worthy of deeper attention in strategic management, especially as concerns the interconnections with entrepreneurship in various settings. Correspondingly, little has been done in exploring the two main themes within coopetitive settings; i.e., contexts in which competition and cooperation merge together to give birth to a different kind of strategic interaction.

By detecting the relations between innovation, entrepreneurship and coopetition, the Strategic Management Society Special Conference in Rome intends to delve into and grasp the opportunities for detecting the relationships and reciprocal influences between the three relevant research areas, as well as for inspecting their impact on competitive advantage and performance.

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June 5 2016 - June 7 2016 - 09:00