13 Oct 2016 - 4 pm

LUISS Business School - Aula Toti - Viale Romania 32 - 00197 Roma

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The workshop analyses the patronage theme by examining the Oxford University Case Study on the Vatican Museums transformation that focuses on the managerial renewal and digitalization operations, which have brought the Vatican Museums to becoming the fifth most visited museum center.


4:00 pm               
Welcome speech
Paolo Boccardelli, Dean, LUISS Business School

4:15 pm               
Vatican Museums: the case study
Mark Hughes-Morgan, Director, Oxford Centre for Corporate Reputation, SAID Business School
Rupert Younger, Researcher, Oxford Centre for Corporate Reputation, SAID Business School

4:45 pm               
Round Table Discussion: patronage and corporate reputation           
Andrea Illy, CEO, Illy*
Lucia Boscaini, Brand and Heritage Curator Senior Director, Bulgari
Stefano Lucchini, Visiting Fellow, Oxford University
Valeria Merlini, Restorer, Museum Curator and Exhibition Designer

5:30 pm               
Final Remarks
Barbara Jatta, Vice Director, Vatican Museums

(*) TBC

The event is held in english and is open to the public, to participate please write to: segreteriadirezioneluissbs@luiss.it