marcati-albertoHe studies how individuals and teams, even though who operate in complex contexts and ambiguous situations can correctly pursue and achieve both personal and organizational goals like operation safety and economic efficiency, especially when they deal with crisis. Research fields within that broad “research question” are leadership and flight leadership, decision making under uncertainty, evolution, transformation and learning processes, individual and team cognition, organizational awareness, organizational mindfulness, organizational reliability and validity. Human-Technology interaction.

Since 2008 is Visiting Professor of Change Management and Affiliate Researcher at Scuola Superiore S.Anna di Pisa (S. Anna School for Advanced Study); since 2012 Visiting Professor of Strategic Human Resource Management at IESEG School of Management in Paris and Lille. Since 2014, Research Associate at D-MTEC – Chair of Technology and Innovation Management, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, (ETH), Zurich; since 2011, Visiting Professor of Change in Complex Organization at Advanced Institute for Flight Safety, Italian Air Force, Rome

Since 2012 he has yearly spent around a month at MIT Sloan as visiting scholar. He cooperates especially with Prof. John Sterman for improving the way to teach people to manage complexity through learning system dynamic.

2002 – 2015, SDA Professor of Leadership and Managerial Development at SDA Bocconi School of Management; 2012 – 2015, Adjunct professor of Organization Theory at Bocconi University; 2003 – 2006, Vice-director of Center for Research in Organization (CRORA), Bocconi University.

Since 1994 he has developed innovative teaching methods, whose the most relevant is Flying an Experience© lab, to help people learn how to manage group interaction in complex environments. This lab is based on simulation and allows teachers and researcher to observe behaviors adopting scientific models and quantitative performance measurements. Since many years it has been adopted in some Universities both for teaching and for research in learning, decision making and change processes.

He cooperates with Robert Simon, Senior Director of the Center for Medical Simulation in Boston, in exploring new ways to teach effective leadership for who operates in critical contexts. With Prof. Luigi Marengo of Luiss University he is studying impact of Artificial Intelligence and business analytics on decision making processes and leadership.

He wrote some books on management and scientific publications.

Before 2002, when he joint Bocconi University and Business School, he had been engaged in applied research and in industrial innovation projects. At the beginning his interests were in measurement theory where he published some papers; then in application of Human Factor research in industrial production processes and finally in managing change while people are dealing with technology innovation. From 1988 to 1991 he had been in ST Microelectronics; from 1991 to 1993 Adjunct Researcher at Faculty of Medicine, Milan University; from 1993 to 1998 at MEMC Electronic Materials and from 1998 to 2002 as Senior Manager in Accenture.

Main Pubblications

Book on Management and Behaviors

  • “Leadership Execution. Emotion management through flight technique” (Forthcoming, expected in fall 2016), EGEA
  • “Change Management”, in S. Salvemini (Edited by), Organization, EGEA, 2016
  • “Change management. Le regole per il governo del cambiamento,” EGEA, Milano, 2010 (English title: “Change Management. The golden rules to manage organizational change”
  • “Manager ad alta quota. Storie di volo ad uso dei leader di domani”, Guerini e Associati, Milano, 2007 (English title: “High Altitude Managers. Flight tales for forward leaders”
  • “Il mutuo casa, la banca, e il cliente. Esigenze e aspettative delle famiglie italiane tra percezioni, consulenza e comunicazione”, Con Di Giuli, Omarini, Monzeglio, Editrice Bancaria, 2007 (english title:”The mortgage, the bank and the customer. The needs form mortgage and the relative expectations of Italian family among perception, bank advisory and communication.”


Research paper (peer reviewed) on management and behaviors

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Conference papers (peer reviewed) on management and behaviors

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Books on uncertainty, measurment theory, probability

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Scientific paper (peer reviewed) on uncertainty, measurment theory, probability

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Conference papers (peer reviewed) on uncertainty, measurment theory, probability

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