MBA Orientation Session
MBA Orientation Session

Meet our Staff and have a personalized info session

On April 12th join the MBA event to find out, with the support of our Staff, which MBA best fits your career goals. Let’s design your personalized growth project together!

The event is a perfect chance to get a comprehensive overview of our MBAs:

  • the Executive MBA, in Italian, on campus, designed for professionals, directors and entrepreneurs with at least seven years of work experience, starting in April 2023
  • the Part-time MBA, fully taught in English, on campus, aimed at middle-managers, entrepreneurs, and young professionals, starting in March 2023 in Rome and in November 2023 in Milan
  • the Flex MBA, fully taught in English and designed with Insendi platform for managers, entrepreneurs and young professionals with at least three years of work experience. Starting in October 2023
  • the MBA Full-time, fully taught in English, on campus, for young professionals with at least three years of relevant work experience. Starting in October 2023.

The MBA Area Director and the programme coordinators with our Recruitment Staff will be available for a One – to – One and info sessions.

With Luiss Business School MBA you will:

  • Develop a broad and heterogeneous and professional network
  • Enjoy an international Faculty where you can meet top managers and professionals
  • Improve your soft skills such as leadership and communication
  • Boost your career with our personal coaching and international experience abroad

WHERE: Villa Blanc, Via Nomentana 216, 00166, Rome, Italy.

DATE: April 12th, 2023

TIME: 05:00 – 06:30 P.M.

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March 20 2023
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