On Monday 2 October, Prof. Philip Kotler is presenting his most recent book Democracy in Decline. Rebuilding its future, at LUISS Business School.

This book, written by the creator of “Modern Marketing”, analyzes a current social and economic theme using the tools of business economy. Focusing on how democracy has been progressively disappointing citizens’ expectations and hopes, Kotler discerns 14 weaknesses of contemporary democracies with their respective practical solutions. A critical and positive message at the same time: only if we stand united and independent from our own political beliefs, we can save democracy from decline.

After the opening speech held by Prof. Philip Kotler, a round table with experts and academics will take place to discuss the topics of the books.

All the participants will receive a copy of the Italian edition of the book published by Il Mulino with the support of The Ruling Companies Association and Harvard Business Review Italia.

We invite all the participants to subscribe to the event writing to rulingcompanies@rulingcompanies.org.