Every action has consequences that always go beyond our aims, our strategies. It is thus crucial to become aware of that, not only for the responsibility this implies, but also to catch the opportunities that arise from it. Widening the vision beyond the economic dimension, spanning also the social and environmental dimensions, means widening the point of view, and thus the toolkit at disposal to act with social and critical consciousness in the business world.

Caroline_sitoThat is why ERShub challenges students: we want our students to face Challenges launched by institutions, social enterprises, NGO’s and firms to make them experience this multiplicity of viewpoints, and test their own limits. On November 10th, 2017, ERShub will strike our MBA students from the 27th edition with a challenge launched by an NGO operating in the peripheral and rural areas of Africa: teaching to children and teachers of the Senegalese and Gambian schools operated by the association what Human Rights are, and how to teach them in a peculiar context, for many students very far from their daily experience.

Students will move from United Nations Sustainable Development Goals introduced by Caroline Kaeb (University of Connecticut, Human Rights Institute) Assistant Professor in Business & Human Rights.

Photo Credit: © 2017 Nathan Oldham / UConn School of Business