What is the history of LUISS Business School?

LUISS Business School was founded in 1986, it is a highly dedicated management school that conducts postgraduate education, applied research and management consultancy. It is part of the LUISS (Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali) Guido Carli and the headquarters is in Rome.

The Dean of the LUISS Business School is Prof. Paolo Boccardelli.

What are the values of LUISS BS?


The School is fully committed to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, as well as to providing a high level of services that allow students to focus on their personal, professional, and academic development.

Academic Freedom

The School enforces academic freedom as a basic right for its faculty, scholar, and students in order to maintain an environment that allows open discourse in all subject areas.


The demand of ethically and socially responsible behaviour from the Schools students, academics and professional staff is deeply rooted in the identity of the school.


The School serves the interests and needs of the markets and all stakeholders, free from any political or religious interest and orientation.

What does LUISS BS Offer ?

LUISS Business School offers post-graduate training and executive Programmes designed to meet the needs of a continually evolving market. Didactic projects presented are not only related to the needs of a market that operates in highly diversified professional profiles, but it also reflects heterogeneous dynamics of the various sectors in the business community.

What is the selection criteria to access the courses?

To get admitted to a LUISS BS Programme  it is usually required to successfully  pass a selection process that evaluates the skills and motivation of potential candidates. The selection process is generally composed by logics test, an English test and motivational interview.

We advise to always check the admission process information of the programme you are interested in.

At the end of courses is an experience within a company provided?

LUISS BS educational model consists of a first part lecture based and a part of field experience called Field Project, that is required in order to complete the programme.

The Field Project is the time in which  students put into practice what they have learned during the programme and it can  be held by choosing from the following types: Project Work in a company, development of their own business project or research project.

The Field Project is guaranteed in Degree Programmes and MBA programmes. Even other educational initiatives by LUISS BS may include field projects, we suggest to verify the information in the brochure of the programme or in the web page.

Are there any financial aids for courses  at LUISS BS?

Each Programme offers various financial aids, from bridge loans to scholarships, to have further details simply visit the web page dedicated to the programme you are interested in, or contact the relevant Secretary Office.

I have a 3 years bachelor’s degree, which programme can i apply to?

With a 3 years Bachelor’s degree you can apply for:

  • All LUISS BS Masters except for the Masters which are classified as second level University Master’s degree courses.
  • For the Full-time and the Part-time MBA programmes based on work experience required
  • Executive programmes based on work experience required

We advise to always check the admission requirements of the programme you are interested in.

I have a master’s degree, which programme can i apply to?

With a Master’s Degree you can apply for:

  • All LUISS Business School Masters
  • For the Full-time and the Part-time MBA programmes based on work experience required
  • Executive programmes based on work experience required

We advise to always check the admission requirements of the programme you are interested in.

Are there any full english programmes?

Yes. LUISS Business School offers several Masters fully  taught in English:

Language skills will be evaluated during the selection.

If i don’t have a degree can i apply for a programme at LUISS Business School?

Yes. You can access the executive courses that require work experience and do not require degrees.

I’m undecided on which master better suits me, does luiss bs offer an orientation service ?

Yes. We offer at any time the possibility to meet representatives of recruitment for support and guidance in the Master choice, simply write an email to recruitmentluissbs@luiss.it to make an appointment.

In addition, throughout the year LUISS BS organises events called Open Evening in which you can meet the staff and ask for career opportunities, inquire about selection tests and have an interview in order to receive tips and suggestions on courses that are more in line with your professional goals.

If  i am undecided among more programmes, what can i do?

The Recruitment Office supports candidates in fulfilling the right choice of studies that could be undertaken. The hope is to be able to ensure maximum consistency between the objectives proposed by the programme and expectations of the candidates.

It is sufficient to write an  email to recruitmentluissbs@luiss.it to make an appointment and meet with representatives of the recruitment staff for support and guidance in the programme that best suits you.

Can i apply for a luiss bs programme with an international degree?

All students that have an international Degrees can apply once they evaluate the adequacy of education in their possession in the course of interest.

Applicants who decide to apply for Programmes with direct issue of ECTS will require the legal translation and the certification of equivalence of their degree: “Declaration of Value”. The Declaration of Value (or Dichiarazione di Valore) is an official document issued by an Italian Embassy or Consulate abroad, that provides a short description of a certain academic or professional qualification awarded by a foreign institution. All the above documents must be legalised by the department in charge of the country of origin, through its “Apostille”.

This is essential for verifying that candidates have the minimum academic requirements to enrol in their chosen degree programme.

To apply for the admission test, the Secretary Office of the relevant Programme could also accept the simple copy of qualifications provided along with a properly signed self-certification (in English or in Italian) indicating the degree details and of which the applicant claims the responsibility of the information provided. The documents required will be provided at a later stage.

We suggest to contact the relevant Secretary Office for detailed  information.

Does LUISS Business School offer bachelor’s and master’s degrees?

LUSS Business School is the Postgraduate School of LUISS Guido Carli University focused on management education and offers post-graduate training and executive Programmes. Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree are offered by the LUISS Guido Carli University.

Where are LUISS Business School lessons held?

Classes are held on LUISS Business School  Villa Blanc Campus in Via Nomentana 216, 00162 Rome (Italy). Some courses offer out-of-class lectures that will be communicated to students in advance.

Which accreditations does LUISS BS Have?

  • EQUIS, EFMD Quality Improvement System
  • UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification – Sector EA: EA: 35 and 37 (consulting and training)
  • ASFOR (Associazione per la Formazione to Management)
  • REP – Registered  Education Provider of PMI (Project Management Institute)
  • REGIONE LAZIO-LUISS Business School is an accredited structure at the Lazio region for training activities
  • Expansion-Cited firmly among the top 3 Business School annual ranking of Italian “expansion”

More information about accretitations

I am a foreign student, how can i open a bank account in italy?

The first step is to have the Italian Tax Code (Codice Fiscale) obtainable at the Agenzia delle Entrate only when in possession of your Student Visa or other kinds, identification documents and a valid registration certificate for the course. At this point, you can go to any bank branch with your Tax Code (Codice Fiscale), Visa, identity card and ask to open a bank account.

What are LUISS Business School ties with the world of work?

Thanks to the strong connection with Confindustria – the Confederation of Italian Industries – and with important companies and institutions in Italy, LUISS Business School employs a network of relationships involving prominent personalities of the world, business consultancy, institutions and professionals.

Are there any agreements and discounts for LUISS BS students?

The current agreements (for theatre, film and music, travels and vacations, health services, language schools, purchase of goods and services at several facilities such as bookstores, restaurants, clothing stores, opticians etc.) can be found in the student book given the first day of class.

Who are the faculty members of LUISS BS?

The Faculty of LUISS Business School is heterogeneous and diverse. The faculty includes national and international academics, professionals, industry experts, executives and social entrepreneurs.

Where is the campus?

LUISS Business School campus is located in the heart of Rome, in Via Nomentana 216. The campus is located near two of the most beautiful parks of the city, Villa Torlonia and Villa Ada, and is easily accessible by public transportation.

How do i reach the campus?

The campus is located in Via Nomentana, 216 – 00162 Rome (Italy).

By plane

From Fiumicino Airport

Fiumicino airport is the biggest international airport in Rome and it is well connected to the city centre by express and regular train services or shuttles buses.

Take the Leonardo Express or a shuttle bus from the airport to Rome Termini Train Station. Once at Termini, take the bus line 90 Express or bus line 60L from Piazza dei Cinquecento (the main bus station in front of Termini Train Station) to Villa Torlonia/Nomentana stop. LUISS business school is 200-meter walk from there.

From Ciampino Airport

Ciampino airport is a Rome smaller international airport and it is connected to the city centre by shuttle services.

Take a shuttle to Termini Train Station. Once at Termini, take the bus line 90 express or the bus line 60L from Piazza dei Cinquecento (the main bus station in front of termini station) to Villa Torlonia/Nomentana stop. LUISS Business School is 200-meter walk from there.


The average fare for a taxi ride from airports to the city centre is about EUR 40-50.

To book a taxi call (+39) 06 3570 or visit the website www.3570.it.

Address: Via Nomentana, 216 – 00162 Rome – Italy | LUISS Business School

By Metro

Closest metro stations to LUISS Business School are: Bologna (metro B) and Annibaliano (metro B). Both are at around 10 minutes walking distance to LUISS Business School.


At Termini Train Station/ Piazza dei Cinquecento, take bus line 90 express or bus line 60L. Closest bus stop to LUISS Business School is Villa Torlonia/Nomentana.

By Train

Closest train stations to LUISS Business School are: Roma Tiburtina and Roma Termini.

If you are coming from Rome Termini Station, take the bus line 90 express or bus line 60L from Piazza dei Cinquecento (the main bus station in front of termini train station) to Villa Torlonia/Nomentana stop. LUISS Business School is 200 meter walk from there.

If you are coming from Roma Tiburtina Station, there are two possibilities:

  • Take metro line B (direction Rebibbia) and stop at Bologna (1 stop), then walk to LUISS Business School (around 15 minutes)
  • Take metro line B (direction Rebibbia) and stop at Termini Station. At Termini Train Station/ Piazza dei Cinquecento, take bus line 90 express or bus line 60L. Closest bus stop to LUISS Business School is Villa Torlonia/Nomentana.

For further information about local transport and timetables visit the Rome’s public transport website: www.atac.it

BY Car

From North: Highway A1 direction Roma, exit at “Roma Nord”, than take GRA direction “Fiumicino” and exit at “Via Salaria”.

From South: Highway A1 direction Firenze, exit at “Roma Sud”, than take GRA direction “Fiumicino” and exit at “Via Nomentana”.

Can LUISS Business School help me to find accommodation?

LUISS Business School is supported by a Real Estate Agency (CASA LUISS) affiliated with the LUISS Guido Carli University offering a service for students who need a support in finding an accommodation. Their duties include:

  • Search for accommodation through the real estate Services at University (SIU)
  • Support evaluation and house visits
  • Support in finalising  contracts with owners

The service is free for all LUISS Guido Carli students and students enrolled at LUISS Business School Programmes, for further info you may ask the Secretary Office of the Programme you are interested in.

How can i submit payments at LUISS Business School?

All payments relating to Programme fees and selection tests can be made by bank transfer or by payment on postal account.

The evidence (receipt) of the payment must be forwarded via email to the relevant Secretary Office.

Bank Details
ACCOUNT HOLDER: LUISS Guido Carli – Divisione LUISS Business School
Bank: Unicredit S.p.A. Agency no. 274-Viale Gorizia, 21 – 00198 Rome (Italy).
C/C N°: 000400000917
IBAN: IT 5:0 pm 0805 0770 0040 0000917 020
BIC/SWIFT: uncritm1c27
ABI: 02008
CAB: 05077
Ente: 9001974
Acronimo Cliente: 86015854
Dipendenza: 31449
Postal Details
ACCOUNT HOLDER: LUISS Guido Carli – Divisione LUISS Business School
Address: Viale Pola 12, 00198 Rome (Italy)
c/c n°: 57861007

What titles does LUISS Business School issues?

LUISS Business School issues titles according to the course type such as:

  • Official Certificates with ECTS credit points (where applicable)
  • Certificates of Attendance
  • Participation Certificates (conferences/convention also with ECTS credit points)

Students must contact the relevant Secretary Office for specific requests.

What are the services offered by LUISS Business School?

Find out the services dedicated to LUISS BS  students here.

What is the required documentation to participate in  the selection tests?

Generally, the necessary documentation to take part in the selection of a programme is the following:

  • Filled-in application form of the chosen programme
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Degree Certificate or self-certification
  • Copy of an identity document
  • Receipt of admission test payment

Some programmes require specific documentation, we advise you to check the brochure or the website of programme you are interested in, or to contact the dedicated staff.