(Editor’s note: Anna-Victoria, LUISS MBA Class of 2013, created her brand and built an online fitness community through her Fit Body Guides and her Instagram account that has reached more than 900,000 followers. During the MBA programme she has developed her personal and professional skills focusing on entrepreneurship, today she is one of the most influential people in Health and Fitness. Here is a brief interview.)

My name is Anna-Victoria and my company operates in the fitness and lifestyle sector where I sell ebook programs for healthy meal plans and workout plans via Instagram.

When I started the LUISS MBA in November 2013, I had been running an Instagram page (@instafemmefitness, recently changed to @femalefitnesshelp) with 500k followers doing social media advertising. I knew I had an even bigger opportunity to help people and there was a great demand for online training programs, but I didn’t know how to get started.

Through the LUISS MBA program I was able to successfully target my audience and do market research, which led me to writing my first meal plan and workout books. Furthermore, with the help of the marketing courses I was able to use effective marketing principles which led me to having great success with ebook sales.

Throughout the time at LUISS, I realized I had an even bigger opportunity by transitioning from the instafemmefitness brand to my own personal brand, and this led me to building a second instagram page (@annavictoria) where I now have 900,000 followers. Two classes that really helped clear my vision for my future company were the innovation and marketing courses. I realized with the help of the professors and the information taught in the courses that I needed to re-connect with my customer base through my personal brand, instead of behind a general fitness brand. People had no connection to instafemmefitness since it was a general brand, but people had a connection to Anna Victoria as a health and lifestyle figure. Through the launch of the personal brand, I was able to take from the knowledge and experience of the first books I wrote, and I re-launched new books using the same marketing tactics I learned in the LUISS MBA program.

Furthermore, since I am a young entrepreneur and running a business on my own, I learned countless other tools about accounting, economics, law, strategy and many more subjects that were essential to the success of my small business. I am still implementing much of the knowledge I received at LUISS Business School in order to work on and expand my business.