Objectives of the Major in Customer Experience Management

Today more than ever, customers expect personalized experiences, a “transparent” relationship, efficient delivery and immediate satisfaction. There is no doubt that through the managerial management of the service it is possible to improve the Customer Experience and generate an advantage in the new competitive arena where product, quality and price are no longer sufficient to have full customer satisfaction. For these reasons, the Major in Customer Experience Management aims at providing a real understanding of the customer and the variables that influence its experience in the multiple interactions with the company. It represents a fundamental requirement for any organization that aspires to become “customer-centric”.


The Master’s Degree Programme in Marketing Management – Major in Customer Experience Management is a one-year Master of Science equivalent to “Master Universitario di I livello” in accordance with the Italian university system. It provides students with at least 60 ECTS – European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. At the end of the Programme, the Master’s Diploma “Master Universitario di I livello” will be conferred to participants who have passed exams or others assessment tests envisaged in the study program.

Target audience of the Major in Customer Experience Management

The Major in Customer Experience Management is aimed at recent graduates — or those graduating soon — interested in developing competencies in the industry.

Career prospects

The programme puts students on career paths in a wide range of organisations in positions such as:

  • Customer Experience Consultant, Customer Insights and Journey Specialist
  • Customer Relationship Management Specialist
  • Customer Experience Design Specialist
  • Brand and Customer Specialist
  • Customer Experience Manager

Direction and Coordination

Scientific Director

Matteo De Angelis, Full Professor of Marketing, Luiss University