1st PRME Italian Chapter Meeting
1st PRME Italian Chapter Meeting
Vai a
LUISS Business School - Villa Blanc - Via Nomentana, 216 - 00162, Roma

The LUISS Business School will host the 1st PRME Italian Chapter Meeting. The Principles for Responsible Management Education – PRME is a United Nations-supported initiative founded in 2007 as a platform joining the main business schools around the world which embed principles of sustainability, ethics and responsibility into business and management education.

May 29, 2018  

8:00 pm
Networking Dinner (Ristorante Life – Via della Vite, 28)

May 30, 2018  

8:30 am | Giardino d’Inverno
Institutional greetings; Introduction; Objectives

9:00-9:30 am 
PRME Update
Florencia Librizzi, Senior Manager PRME, UN Global Compact Office, USA

9:30 am-9:45 am
Global Compact
Marco Frey, President of the Global Compact Italia Foundation

9:45 am-11:00 am
Presentations by School 1 – 4
Temptative: Bocconi; Bologna; Ca’ Foscari; Cattolica

11:00 am | Sala Egizia 
Coffee break

11:20 am | Giardino d’Inverno
Presentations by School 5 – 7
Temptative: LUISS Business School; Politecnico; Sant’Anna

12:30 am-1:45 pm | Villa Blanc Restaurant

1:45 pm-2:45 pm | G205 
Leanings from the France/Benelux PRME Chapter
Wilfred Mijnhard, Policy Director, Rotterdam School of Management, NL

3 pm-4 pm | G205-G103-G205
Start parallels tables. Each table has to define a person who, with all the others, produces a written work: 3 annexes:
Why do we need a PRME Italian Chapter (vision, mission, values)?
What do we do in the PRME Italian Chapter (actions, partners)?
How do we cooperate and manage the PRME Italian Chapter (Governance, chair, treasury, assembly, statutes)?

4:00 pm | G205 
Tea break

4:20 pm-5:30 pm | G205 
Plenary Discussion
Presentation of table results: development of the memorandum of understanding (+ 3 annexes)

5:30 pm 
Signature Ceremony and Wrap-Up

6 pm | Villa Blanc Restaurant

May 29 2018 - May 30 2018 - 08:30-18:00
May 29 2018 - May 30 2018 - 08:30-18:00