19 Sep 2018 - 17:30 - 19:30

LUISS Business School - Villa Blanc, Sala da Ballo - Via Nomentana, 216 - 00162, Roma

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Technology, Policies and Legal Challenges

LOGO CEPSCybersecurity is a hot topic of debate in today’s policy circles. The abuse of software vulnerabilities is a growing concern that needs to be urgently addressed with better solutions, as increasing numbers of devices and people are connected to the internet every day. Every software has at least 14 vulnerabilities.

This CEPS Task Force report offers the first comprehensive account of the various measures EU member states are taking to counter these challenges. It also offers practical recommendations on how to improve the coordination and disclosure of software vulnerabilities by both private-sector and public actors.


Prof. Raffaele Oriani, MBA Director and Associate Dean for post-graduate programs at LUISS Business School

Lorenzo Pupillo, Cybersecurity@CEPS Initiative, CEPS
Stefano Brusotti, TIM, CyberSecurity Lab
Paolo Spagnoletti, LUISS Business School
Angelo Tofalo, Sottosegretario alla Difesa (TBC)

The event is open to the public, for organizational issues the registration is compulsory.