EMIT Speech – The Internet of Crimes: emerging challenges for IT governance
EMIT Speech – The Internet of Crimes: emerging challenges for IT governance
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LUISS Guido Carli - Aula Toti - Viale Romania 32, 00197 Roma



The event is organized in partenership with HSPI and Isaca Roma.

Cyberspace is opening new avenues for serious crimes targeting organizational assets and public goods. The availability of exploitation kits and easy to access anonymous infrastructures make possible to perform illegal actions such as identity thefts and data breaches by a large number of Internet users. The variety of people and the multiplicity of goals behind computer crimes makes difficult to predict the emerging risks faced by organizations which struggle in defending themselves from both social and technical threats. We will discuss these issues together with domain experts from ICANN and the FBI by emphasizing the implications for IT governance processes and practices.


2:00 pm
Welcome Speech
Paolo Spagnoletti, LUISS Business School

2:30 pm
The Internet of Threats
Dave Piscitello, ICANN

3:15 pm
Cyber threat overview
Roderick F. Coffin, FBI

4:00 pm
Round table moderated by Corrado Pomodoro, HSPI

5:00 pm

5:30 pm

Dave Piscitello has been involved in Internet technology for over 39 years. Dave serves as Vice President, Security and ICT Coordination at ICANN, where he collaborates with the information security, DNS, and law enforcement communities on a diverse range of security issues related to the Domain Name System and domain name registration processes, including phishing, pharming, DDoS attacks, domain hijacking and other registration abuses. His research includes proxy and private domain registration abuse, REST-based Internet directory services and domain seizures. Dave has authored books on internet protocols, remote access and Voice over Internet Protocol Security (April 2006). He publishes articles regularly on Internet security, DNS, antiphishing, malware, Internet policy and privacy.

Roderick F. Coffin is a Special Agent within the Federal Bureau of Investigation‘s Cyber Division.  Prior to his entrance on duty at the FBI, SA Coffin worked as a computer programmer and software development consultant.  SA Coffin has authored many articles on programming technologies and techniques, presented on software development topics at domestic and international conferences, and co-authored a book on an innovate software development practice.  As an FBI agent SA Coffin has leveraged his technical background to solve a wide range of computer crimes from identity theft to network intrusions and data breaches, and to bring many domestic and international computer criminals to justice.  SA Coffin also serves as a member of the FBI Atlanta Evidence Response Team and is temporarily assigned as an Assistant Legal Attache in Rome, Italy.

Attendance is free and on invitation, for organization purposes registration is required.


February 8 2017 - 02:00-05:30 pm
February 8 2017 - 02:00-05:30 pm