Full-time Master’s Open Evening
Full-time Master’s Open Evening
Open Evening on Campus
Luiss Business School, Villa Blanc Campus, Via Nomentana 216, 00162 Rome

The Full-time Master’s Open Evening is an on-campus event where you can discover Luiss Business School’s first- and second-level master’s programmes dedicated to undergraduates in their final year and recent graduates.

The Luiss Business School Staff will welcome you to the Villa Blanc Campus in Rome and will be at your disposal for personalised information sessions about:

  • admission process;
  •  financial aid and scholarships;
  • career service;
  • career and international exchange opportunities;
  • multi-hub experience.

During the Open Evening you will find answers to all your questions about the master’s programme you are interested in or, if you are not clear about which one is right for you, you will be guided in your search for the master’s programme that best fits your profile and aspirations.

WHEN: 7 July 2022 from 5 pm to 7 pm CEST

WHERE: Luiss Business School, Villa Blanc Campus, Via Nomentana 216, 00162 Rome.

The event is free of charge. Registration is required.


Luiss Business School Master’s programmes presented:

  • Master in International Management (English)
    • Major in Sustainability & Energy Industry (English)
    • Major in Fashion Management (English)
    • Major in Luxury Management (English)
    • Major in Tourism Management (English)
    • Major in Fashion & Luxury Business
    • Major in International Management Rome (English)
    • Major in International Management Amsterdam-Milan (English)
    • Major in International Cooperation for Local Development (English)
    • Major in Global Health Management (English)
  • Master in Financial Management
    • Major in Corporate Finance Rome (English)
    • Major in Corporate Finance Amsterdam (English)
    • Major in Corporate Investment Banking
    • Major in Amministrazione Finanza e Controllo
    • Major in Real Estate Finance
    • Major in Finanza sostenibile
  • Master in Digital and Business Transformation
    • Major in Business Transformation (English and Italian)
    • Major in Strategy for Disruptive Growth
    • Major in Digital Business Strategy
    • Major in Big Data and Management (English)
    • Major in Entrepreneurship & Start Up
    • Major in Sustainable Management & Entrepreneurship
    • Major in Global Supply Chain Management (English)
  • Master in Gestione delle Risorse Umane e dei Progetti
    • Major in Gestione delle Risorse Umane e Organizzazione
    • Major in Project Management
    • Master in Marketing Management
    • Major in Digital Marketing
    • Major in Sales and Account Management
    • Major in Retail e-commerce e Gestione Multicanale
    • Major in Export Management
    • Major in Corporate Event: Management, PR and Communication
    • Major in HORECA Trade Management
    • Major in Customer Experience Management (English)
  • Master in Management delle Imprese Creative e Culturali
    • Major in Art Management
    • Major in Food and Wine Business
    • Major in Music
    • Major in Gestione della Produzione Cinematografica e Televisiva
    • Major in Writing School for Cinema and TV
    • Major in Sport Management
    • Major in Turismo sostenibile
    • Major in Digital Entertainment  Business (English)
  • Master in Diritto Tributario Contabilità e Pianificazione Fiscale
  • Corso in Consulente Legale d’Impresa
  • Corso Five Stars Hotel Management (English & Italian)


July 7 2022 - 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm