Using open public procurement data for impact: datathon contest
Using open public procurement data for impact: datathon contest
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ANAC has launched a new Open Contracting Data Standard Portal on public procurement in Italy. 

The OCDS portal, co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility program (action n.2018-IT-IA-0170) completes the one already available and gives  an international dimension to our public procurement data.

The OCDS format is expressly conceived for the involvement of Civil Society Organizations, citizens and the academic world, who will be able to benchmark italian contracts with similar ones published in other countries without further conversion using the tools made available by Open Contracting. (code to calculate the red flags, apps, guides and so on).

To promote the use of OCDS open data, ANAC is launching a Datathon, a competition in which data scientists and other competitors can propose examples of use cases for our OCDS data, eventually linking them with other databases.

The datathon is a call for proposals in which competitors can submit a short abstract of their proposal by April 15th and then the actual proposal by May 15th. Citizens, civil society organizations, researchers and data scientists can participate, even in groups.

The best proposals or all (if they are interesting) will be published by ANAC in a book of abstract, having the opportunity to present them in a webinar that will be organized in June 2022.

For more details, sign up for the webinar on March 30th, which will be divided into two parts, the first in Italian and the second in English.

March 30 2022 - 10.00-11.00