For a long time, the LUISS Business School has been committed to ethics, responsibility and sustainability (ERS) issues both in terms of teaching and research through the ERS Hub community and the various ERS initiatives. The ERS Bounty competition is aimed at the entire Faculty of the Department of Business and Management and at all the staff of the LUISS Business School to propose design ideas on ERS issues in Villa Blanc.

As defined by the EQUIS Accreditation Standards:

  • Ethics refers to behavior in the LUISS Business School that must be based on the values ​​of honesty, fairness and integrity. These are of considerable interest to people, society and the environment and imply the commitment to encourage and promote a highly moral conduct of teachers, administrative staff and students by identifying, asserting and applying deontological standards in decisions and LUISS Business School activities.
  • The essential characteristic of responsibility is the desire to integrate broader social and environmental considerations into the decision-making process and to respond personally to the impact of decisions and activities on society and the territory. Responsibility is closely linked to sustainability.
  • Sustainability addresses the social, environmental and economic challenges and common goals of society and of the planet. It refers to issues such as the responsible use of resources, sustainable consumption and the development of a more properly human society and economy.

The deadline for submitting proposals to is July 10th at 11:59 pm.

The Call can be downloaded here.
Here the template for project proposals can be downloaded

For more information contact:
Roberto Dandi | 0685222356