Full-time MBA – Webinar
Full-time MBA – Webinar

On April 26 at 6.30 pm CEST Luiss Business School is hosting an online event dedicated to the Full-time MBA, starting in Rome in October 2022.


An exclusive opportunity to take part in a Masterclass on Effective Leadership held by Prof. Antony Silard, Associate Professor and Director, The Center for Sustainable Leadership.

You will get insights into:

  • How the MBA at Luiss Business School cultivates a new generation of professionals who understand the underlying principles that govern the decision-making activities of high-performance companies and organizations and how to accordingly practice effective leadership in a wide variety of organizational settings;
  • how the MBA prepares professionals that are able to develop Compassionate, Meaningful, Sustainable Relationships (“CMSRs”) with both themselves and the people they lead;
  • why professionals with these relationship development abilities are able to operate effectively in private, national and multinational companies, non-governmental organizations and public sector agencies.

The Full-time MBA Didactic Coordinator will also be connected to answer all your questions and curiosities about admission requirements, scholarship opportunities and Full-time MBA next edition structure.

WHEN: 26 April 2022 from 6.30 pm CEST

WHERE: Online



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April 14 2022
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