Third Workshop on Responsibility, Sustainability and Social Entrepreneurship

Following the events organized in 2017 and 2018 at Luiss Business School – ERS Hub (Italy), this workshop will bring together scholars to share up-to-date research on hybrid organizations and social entrepreneurship.


Monday, July 1

9.15AM – 9.30AM | Welcome
Filipe Santos (Dean of CLSBE), Tommaso Ramus (CLSBE) and Francesco Rullani (Luiss Business School- ERShub)

9.30AM – 11AM  | Paper Session 1

Presenter: Nevena Radoynovska (Emlyon)
With: Rachel Ruttan (Rotman School of Management)
Discussants: Francesco Rullani (Luiss Business SchoolSS – ERShub) & Raffaele Conti (CLSBE)

Presenter: Alessandro Giudici (Cass)
With: Riccardo Maiolini (John Cabot)
Discussants: Tomé Salgueiro (Nova SBE) & Antonino Vaccaro (IESE)

11AM – 11:20AM | Coffee break

11:20AM – 12.50PM | Paper Session 2

Presenter: Marya Besharov (Cornell University)
With: Haley Beer (Warwick Business School) & Pietro Micheli (Warwick Business School)
Discussants: Stefano Brusoni (ETH) & Pietro Versari (CLSBE)

Presenter: Elisa Operti (ESSEC)
With: Himanshu Bhatt (ESSEC)
Discussants: Nevena Radoynovska (Emlyon) & Sophia Fu (Rutgers)

1PM – 2.20PM | Lunch at CLSBE restaurant

2.20PM – 3.50PM | Paper Session 3

Presenter: Francesca Capo (LUISS – ERShub)
With: Riccardo Maiolini (John Cabot), Tommaso Ramus (CLSBE) & Francesco Rullani (Luiss Business School – ERShub)
Discussants: Marya Besharov (Cornell) & Silvia Dorado (The University of Rhode Island)

Presenter: Silvia Dorado (The University of Rhode Island)
With: Virginia Simon Moya (Universidad de Valencia) & Andrea Prado (INCAE Business School)
Discussant: Martina Pasquini (IE) & Tommaso Ramus (CLSBE)

3.50PM – 4.10PM | Coffee Break

4.10PM – 5.40PM | Paper Session 4

Presenter: Stefano Brusoni (ETH Zurich)
With: Anna Deréky (ETH), Daniella Laureiro-Martinez (ETH) & Todd Hare (UZH)
Discussants: Alessandro Giudici (Cass) & Francesco Rullani (Luiss Business School- ERShub)

Presenter: Sophia Fu (Rutgers)
Discussants: Raffaele Conti (CLSBE) & Elisa Operti (ESSEC)

5.40PM – 6PM | Conclusions
Tommaso Ramus (CLSBE) & Francesco Rullani (Luiss Business School- ERShub)

8PM | Dinner at a restaurant in Lisbon downtown


Tommaso Ramus – Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics
Francesco Rullani – Luiss Business School- ERShub

All sessions will be held in the Ernst & Young Room of Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics (CLSBE), Avenida Palma de Cima, Lisbon.