Big Data Lab
Big Data Lab

Big Data matters. Highly. It is about your future, your growth. That is why the LUISS Business School has decided to create the “LUISS Big Data Lab”, the new LUISS Business School Competence Centre & Lab for setting value out of Big Data. It aims to become the benchmark among the Big Data Labs in Italy, and an international point of reference. Through a wide range of services in Big Data, it makes innovation happen.

Its efforts are mainly aimed to:

  • creating the smartest community of Professionals and Organizations interested in Big Data;
  • differentiating through an innovative and research approach to Big Data Analytics;
  • being a consulting player to support companies and professionals in Big Data.

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As incoming first events, the LUISS BIG DATA LAB is delighted to present the following golden opportunities:

The main source of competitive advantage of the Centre is the partnership with ORACLE Italy with important outcomes:

  • dedicated workshops in order to make Professionals aware of Big Data;
  • business case in order to share best practices among involved organizations;
  • ad-hoc training sessions for Executive and Staff in order to develop new skills;
  • research reports in order to provide useful information about trends and innovation;
  • annual meetings on research-related topics.

The LUISS BIG DATA LAB is developing its network! Many important companies are choosing it to create the best hi-tech alliance in Big Data.

If you want to lead, you have to know and manage Analytics!

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