Corporate Renewal
Corporate Renewal
LUISS Creative Business Center

The Competence Centre & Lab Corporate Renewal at LUISS Business School is fully committed to the knowledge and practice of strategy and governance. The Centre supports the learning process on corporate renewal and related research projects, innovative experiential learning activities, conferences, leading faculty research, mentorship, community and international programmes.

The Mission aims to:

  • promote rigorous and relevant research projects;
  • support students, faculty, alumni, corporations who are developing a process of corporate renewal;
  • develop programmes and simulations to spread knowledge on corporate renewal.

The Corporate Renewal Pathways Framework is based on four main pillars:

  • Strategizing in dynamic environments (SDE);
  • Institution based view of corporate growth (IBV);
  • Corporate Governance and Restructuring(CGR);
  • Finance for Growth (F4G).

Scientific Coordinator

  • Paolo Boccardelli

Faculty Member

  • Luca Giustiniano
  • Alessandro Marino
  • Raffaele Oriani
  • Enzo Peruffo
  • Luca Pirolo


  • Federica Brunetta
  • Francesca Capo
  • Azzurra Marzano
  • Rosella Santella
  • Francesca Vicentini
  • Mario Vitale

Affiliate Faculty Member*

  • Gautam Ahuja
  • Donald Bergh
  • Antonio Capaldo
  • Tim Folta
  • Maria Goranova
  • Christian Lechner
  • Andrea Lipparini
  • Alessandro Minichilli
  • Alessandra Perri
  • Richard Priem