Masterclass online – Master Full-time in Big Data and Management
Masterclass online – Master Full-time in Big Data and Management
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Introducing the Full-time Master in Big Data and Management – Online Masterclass on Machine Learning: a fast track to the jobs of tomorrow. Register and attend the live webinar!

On June 10 at 3 pm CEST participate in the live webinar to learn more about the Master in Big Data and Management, a 12-month programme designed for young graduates who want to begin or advance their careers in data science.

The Masterclass about Machine Learning will help you understand how contemporary skills and knowledge in the Big Data field will open extraordinary career paths and opportunities. The live webinar is aimed at recent graduates with a BA or MS in Economics, Statistics, Engineering or other scientific disciplines.


Giuseppe Italiano, Full Professor, Computer Science
Taylor Imrie, Coordinator, Master Full-time

The topic of the Masterclass

In recent years Artificial Intelligence (AI) had a deep impact on our society, especially for a subset of AI which is known as Machine Learning. Today’s popularity of Machine Learning is due to its ubiquitous applications to many domains, and to the fact that Machine Learning techniques are able to solve effectively many real-life problems in several areas. In short terms, Machine Learning exploits algorithmic methods and statistical models to analyse (big) data, so as to extract knowledge from this data and to produce meaningful insights that can be relevant for strategic decision making.

The webinar also includes a Q&A session at the end of the Masterclass, during which participants have the opportunity to interact in real time with the Professor and the Programme Coordinator.


June 10 2020 - 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm