EQUIS Results Announced
EQUIS Results Announced

LUISS Business School, including the Department of Business and Management, enters the elite of education having achieved the prestigious international certification EQUIS, which acknowledges a limited number of Business Schools representing the 1% of managerial education. This accomplishment grants LUISS Business School and the Department of Business and Management the means to access the main rankings for education, thus acknowledging it with the quality standard that only 150 Schools, out of 15 thousand, have achieved.

A one of a kind result. It is the first time that a School in Italy manages to validate all of its management programmes, from the Bachelor Degree – already amply distinguished for its elevated selection standards- to the Master in Business Administration, together with the master degrees, the PHDs, the specialised masters etc.

An Italian pole of excellence that ascends the international scene thanks to its ability to face challenges even in the most difficult situations. “A long term goal, favoured and strongly desired by all our stakeholders” underlines prof. Paolo Boccardelli, Dean of the School. “The path has been long and not without obstacles, which were overcome with great stubbornness on every level”. The capability of being a team, the perseverance, the sense of duty and the care for students are the elements that have guided the beacon of validation, a result which gives credit to the whole staff that in the last months has had to face comparison with major European and extra European organizations.

Work has been done on every level, from the renewal of the programme portfolio to new didactic methodologies, implementing the already prestigious faculty and services, the employability of programmes and researches, which is the result of a strong pool of integrated academics and practitioners.

LUISS Business School offers comprehensive formation, that focuses on the classical aspects of knowledge and follows the student through volunteerism projects, theme laboratories and a career service that aims to foster talent and entrepreneurial attitude. Moving to Villa Blanc will serve as final incentive for this School.

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October 14 2015
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