International Prize Generazione Contemporanea: sixth edition
International Prize Generazione Contemporanea: sixth edition

The Luiss Creative Business Centre announces the sixth edition of the International Prize Generazione Contemporanea, aimed at promoting Italian and foreign contemporary art, supporting artists under 35, and expanding Luiss Business School’s permanent collection of contemporary art. This initiative brings forth a new field of cultural innovation, not only devoted to educating young artists, but also to supporting them and researching new talents internationally.

The competition requires that the works submitted develop the same theme as the exhibition “Reazioni”. The term reaction means to act in response to an action and/or in opposition to it. This ‘opposing’ motion has affinities with the concept of irony, when seen in terms of simulation and dissimulation. In literature, irony is the rhetorical procedure in which words take on an opposite meaning compared to what they literally express. Through the art, this attitude offers one of the possible antidotes to an era that requires not only the individual, but the entire community to accept the sense of abandonment of their freedoms and ideals.

The contest provides for the assignment of a cash prize worth € 4,000.00, awarded to the first classified as a purchase-prize of the work evaluated, selected and chosen by the unquestionable judgement of the technical jury thus composed:

  • Peter Benson Miller – Art Historian and Curator
  • Achille Bonito Oliva – Art Critic, Scientific Director of the Luiss Master of Art
  • Roberto Cotroneo – Journalist, Writer, and Photographer
  • Pia Lauro – Independent Curator, Luiss Master of Art alumna
  • Gianfranco Maraniello – Art Historian and Curator
  • Giovanna Melandri – President at Fondazione MAXXI
  • Msgr. Paolo Nicolini – Deputy Director for the Management Department at Musei Vaticani
  • Domenico Piraina – Director at PAC – Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea of Milan
  • Luca Pirolo – Director at Luiss Master of Art
  • Guido Talarico – Director at InsideArt
  • One representative from the Curatorial Collective of the Luiss Master of Art – 11th edition

The three finalists’ work, including the winner, will become crucial assets of the Master of Art’s final exhibition entitled “Reazioni” [Reactions], accompanied by the publication of a catalogue.

Candidates may enter the competition with a single piece of artwork, either previously released or not, which clearly adheres to the Prize’s theme. All artistic media are allowed, including painting, sculpture, installation, photography, graphics, and video, with no restrictions on techniques.

The contest is aimed exclusively at artists under 35. The deadline for submitting the artwork for the Prize is October 11th, 2021, no later than 12 pm (Italian time).

Careful reading of the announcement is recommended.






Publication date
August 30 2021
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