Part-time MBA – Online Open Lesson
Part-time MBA – Online Open Lesson


On Saturday, December 5 at 2 pm we invite you to join an Open Lesson of the Part-time MBA, the 22-month programme starting in March 2021 designed to ensure innovative and competitive skills required by the market and built around the concepts of Transformation, Impact and Sustainability.

You will have the chance to connect to a virtual room, attend a real MBA online class of the Corporate Strategy course held by Ryan Krause, Visiting Professor at Luiss Business School and Associate Professor of Strategy and the Robert and Edith Schumacher Faculty Fellow in the Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University.

The objective in this course is for students to improve their understanding of strategic management in general, with particular emphasis on the challenges associated with managing a multi-business firm. Upon completing this course, students will have gained a greater appreciation for the challenges and opportunities of operating organizations that span multiple areas of business.

The objectives for the Corporate Strategy course include:

–  Developing a general management orientation, including the ability to analyze broad, corporate-level problems.

–  Integrating the business skills, you have already developed and knowledge you have obtained in other coursework.

–  Developing an awareness of the literature on corporate strategy and how it applies to contemporary organizations.

The MBA Staff is also available for one-to-one information sessions for those who attend the open lesson and are eager to learn more about the next edition of the Part-time MBA.



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November 28 2020
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