Part-time MBA Webinar
Part-time MBA Webinar

MBA – Be inspired

“Educating through inspiration: what this means, how to make it real, and why it is so important in today’s world.”



On January 11 at 6 pm CET Stefano Zannini, Professional Coach, Adjunct Professor at Luiss Business School, trainer, speaker and Médecins sans Frontières humanitarian for 10 years, will shed some light on the position of an MBA Degree in the current period.

The webinar will give you the chance to find out how the Part-time MBA starting in March 2021 has been designed to equip all participants with innovative and competitive skills required by the market. You will experience a new MBA – built around the concepts of Transformation, Impact and Sustainability.

The MBA Coordinators will also be connected to the webinar for a Q&A session to answer any question you may have about the programme structure, the application process, the scholarship opportunities and the career advance. 



Publication date
December 18 2020
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