Eco-Industrial Parks – A Green and Place Marketing Approach” is a project, which has been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The author of the e-book is Matteo Caroli, Full Professor of International Business at LUISS University and Head of the Knowledge Centre at LUISS Business School, who worked with Marino Cavallo and Alfredo Valentino.

During the last few years the transition from a non-sustainable to a sustainable world is becoming the main goal for scholars and practitioners. The extant study shows the centrality of “industry-environment” interactions in this process. Especially, following the idea of natural cycles, industrial ecologists are redefining the industrial facilities and infrastructures to optimize waste management and to reduce global pollution. In this context the most powerful tool is the Eco-Industrial Park. The latter is oriented towards a twisting of classical industrial estate and the establishment of a “system” which consists of business activities, natural sources, energy, raw materials, waste, final products, and labour. According to Lowe and Evans (1995), “the members of eco-industrial park seek enhanced environmental, economic and social performance through collaboration in managing environmental and resource issues”.

This book highlights the pivotal role played by eco-industrial parks in this transition process to implement an efficient and sustainable use of materials, energy, and waste. It addresses this interesting and current topic through a theoretical and practical perspective. It gives potentially important managerial implications to formulate marketing strategies to enhance Eco-industrial park’s and place’s attractiveness.

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