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Would you like to experience a real MBA class? Come to visit us at Villa Blanc Campus or join our live streaming class! On February 22, at 9.00am you will have the chance to attend the lesson of the course in “Corporate Governance” with Prof. Alessandro Zattoni as part of the current MBA programme.

Prof. Alessandro Zattoni is full professor of strategy and Dean of the Department in Business and Management at LUISS University Rome. He will introduce corporate governance issues and mechanisms, and explain the rationales behind a narrow and a wide approach to corporate governance. He will talk about the main reasons behind the shareholders’ view of the firm and the firms’ view of the stakeholders.

Since only a certain number of participants will be able to join the class, please make sure to register.


For any further questions, please contact our MBA Staff at or at +39 06 85222320, +39 0685225574.

We are looking forward to meeting you!