For me the MBA at the LUISS Business School is challenging

L’anima internazionale della LUISS Business School è il frutto di una learning experience guidata della diversity, che rende le aule di Villa Blanc un luogo di confronto e di crescita tra talenti di tutto il mondo. La storia di Jean-Paul ci porta dal Libano al Full-time MBA della LUISS Business School e ci racconta la centralità della formazione per scendere in campo nel mondo del lavoro come persone prima che professionisti specializzati. Tra Soft skills, time management e l’amore per Roma!


“I am Jean-Paul, I am from Lebanon, I am a mechanical engineer. I came to the LUISS Business School to continue my studies. I choose the MBA at the LUISS Business School because honestly, I really liked Rome and I thought that this MBA would complement my studies: as mechanical engineer, I will have the financial and management competencies to complement my background.
For me the most important thing is the fact that the program is very focused on the person and on the soft skills, so one person that goes out from the LUISS Business School is not only good in hard skills but has also the opportunity the develop his/her own personality, that is very important in any job. The aspect that I liked most during this MBA is the personal part: we are having courses of everything from different professors from all over the world, but for me this can be in any university. The LUISS MBA gives us a big plus and helps us in the fact that they work and they train us as to become people that can go in this world, to do everything and not only to stay behind a computer or do specific stuff.

The MBA is very full and we have so many things to do, but the thing that We learned the most is about time how to manage our time.

For me the MBA at the LUISS Business School is challenging”

The LUISS MBA offers the connections to your future whether your ambition lies in starting a business or changing a large organization, transforming your world or changing the wider world. Offering a personalized learning experience driven by diversity, the LUISS MBA is your platform for new business thinking.

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