EHRM luiss business school Achieving a competitive advantage in an increasingly international environment is nowadays more and more challenging for companies. Luiss Business School’s membership in the EHRM – European Human Resource Management Programme is a key initiative to support them in being successful in this objective.

This Programme brings together participants and faculty from seven leading European Business Schools and Universities: students have the chance to attend lectures on HR taught by an international faculty and then, to carry out an HR project in a multinational company.
The 2019 edition of EHRM consisted of three residential phases at Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration in Latvia, Vlerick Business School in Belgium, EM Lyon Ecole de management in France, followed by an in-depth, eleven-week consultancy project carried out within, or on behalf of, an internationally operating company.

A plus for companies

Luiss Business School’s membership in the projects is an uncommon opportunity for its corporate partners to avail themselves of the most advanced HR management perspectives and strategies, encompassing both the proficiency of an international faculty and the commitment of international students coming from Business Schools and Universities of different Countries. The three residential elements are thought to deepen HR topics through lectures, business cases and business games, and themes concerning multiculturalism: dealing with diversity is, indeed, a complementary aim of the programme.

ehrm luiss business school snamThe participants of the EHRM project during the visit at Snam central headquarter in Settala

“EHRM Programme is an amazing opportunity for young students to do a professional experience abroad and understanding cultural differences in a European context” says Benedetta Laganà, HR Employer Branding &Talent Acquisition at Snam, which was the Italian Company partner in the initiative. “EHRM Programme for a host company is very challenging! It’s a moment to share knowledge and carry out strategic ideas”.

“On our first day at Snam we were received really nice and the kindness and support of the employees remained there from the beginning till the end” says Luuk Bongers of Radboud University, Nijmegen, in The Netherlands. “Snam’s employees were always willing to help and to think along with us and this was highly appreciated. We were given our own meeting room and laptop for the whole period so, we were able to conduct our research about the development of a graduate programme for Snam and its affiliates. Working and living together with my Belgium project partner was a really nice experience and I can safely say that I learned a lot about her culture and, of course, about the Italian one.”

“We spent 2,5 months in Snam” adds Julia Ramming of Otto-Friedrich University, Bamberg in Germany. “The collaboration with the other students was wonderful, we made all decision together, respected each other and divided the work well”.

An opportunity of international career development for Masters’ students

“The EHRM is unique in its offering, by combining academic knowledge with practical and international experience, enabling the students to build skills facilitating success in their chosen careers” explains Fabian Homberg, Associate Professor of Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour at Luiss Business School. “This is an excellent program that prepares students for the job market and future careers in HR consulting and related careers in the HRM field”.

ehrm luiss business school

The Residential at Riseba University in Riga

“In residential we stayed at Riseba University in Riga where we got courses about cross-cultural differences, consultancy skills and multiple HR related topics” says Luuk. “During this period, we spent most of the days at the University, benefiting from the professional experience of the speakers, their practical approach and dynamic way of teaching. We also had a nice city tour where we saw some of the beautiful place of Riga and we also had some activities during the evenings where we were able to get to know each other better”. “Latvians are proud of their Country, its food and its costumes” adds Julia. “We were able to go to the beach and had drinks together as an EHRM group”.

luiss business school ehrm

Students of the Master in International Management at Luiss Business School during the final presentation of the Project Works at EM Lyon Ecole de management

“EHRM 2019 was an important experience that gave me so much, without disappointing any expectations” says Fabio Savino, students of the Master in International Management at Luiss Business School. “The project was a concrete opportunity to get in touch with multinational companies. It was the best way to finish my Master in International management”. Luiss Business School’s students had the chance to carry out their projects in the HR Management field within the companies Bayer and Naos.