22 June 2017

Show your value: Career service and “MBA Career Day”

Gallery Villa Blanc, a prestigious historic building with a warm and green environment is now LUISS Business School’s home. This will be the context for our “MBA Career Day” that will take place on June 23. Fifteen international companies are ready to meet and interview our MBA students. The participating companies are: Amaris, Cementir Holding, Deloitte, Dorna, Elica, Excellence Consulting, Ferrovie dello Stato, Horton International, IBM, KPMG, Manpower, MSD, NAU!, Philip Morris, Sandoz. The MBA Career Day in “numbers”: 15 companies, 30 interviewers for 30 students, for a total of about 120 interviews in one afternoon. The light lunch, scheduled at 12:30 p.m., will include students and companies. It will mark the beginning of the event and will be the prelude to a full afternoon of individual interviews. At 2:00 p.m., HR managers will meet the pre-selected students, according to their recruiting needs. For our students, the MBA Career Day is the beginning of the placement process. In fact, after career coaching meetings, CV reviews and mock interviews, students are ready to test themselves in the job market, aware of their added value and ambitions. The event will encourage them to give their best, to be known and to show their passion and their perseverance to achieve their personal and professional goals. We would like to wish Good Luck to each one of them! “To follow the dream, and again to follow the dream - and so - always - usque ad finem" (Joseph Conrad) 22/06/2017

08 May 2017

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone: the career of Alessandro after the LUISS MBA

MBA 2015 Over my desk hangs a saying: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. Life is more enjoyable when I experience new adventures, both in my personal life and in business.  When it came time to choose an MBA program, I wanted one that would stretch me.  So I chose the LUISS MBA. I learned from challenging classes, valuable soft skill labs, carefully selected international students and talented international faculty. I had opportunities to meet influential CEOs from Italian and international companies, as well as board members and experienced managers. The LUISS MBA was the perfect mix between academia and a learning by doing experience. And Rome was the perfect setting for this experience. It was literally possible to breathe in all the ancient history coming from the past as well as the modernity of a capital city. Nightlife was another plus because there are many places where students can experience unforgettable nights. The result of this mixture was something unique because the challenging environment fit perfectly with the charming city and the business school location. Before joining the LUISS MBA program, I worked as a consultant and an entrepreneur in the medical equipment industry, selling products and services for private clinics. I wanted to make a career change to a larger company, and the LUISS career services team suggested many opportunities with well-known Italian and international companies. Currently I am a Buyer for Babcock Mission Critical Services in the rotary wings division (part of the UK company Babcock International Group). We save lives every day in our core business of HEMS service (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service).  The LUISS MBA helped me develop the tools to succeed. Mental flexibly, stress management, hard skills and negotiation abilities are valuable allies in my current professional life. All were improved in the LUISS MBA through academic lessons and practical training. To be accepted in the LUISS MBA program, it was essential to have two big qualities: motivation and skills. To cover the cost, I applied for the “AdVenture” full tuition scholarship, making a business plan for an innovative idea. When the LUISS Admissions Office called, I was excited to hear that I was one of the winners. It taught me that if you are resilient and believe in your dreams, no one can stop you. The LUISS MBA is a 360-degree program that changed my life, taking me far past my comfort zone. I loved every minute of this incredible learning experience.

10 February 2017

Call for Female Prospective MBA Candidates to Participate in the GROW FAST Initiative

LUISS Business School, Johnson & Johnson and Korn Ferry International Call for Female Prospective MBA Candidates to Participate in the GROW FAST Initiative  (Part of the Programme GROW – Generating Real Opportunities for Women) DESCRIPTION GROW (Generating Real Opportunities for Women) is a programme initiated in LUISS Business School to promote, support and improve personal and professional growth of its female students. GROW FAST (Financing and Supporting Talents) is an initiative that is part of GROW, designed and launched in a joint effort by: Johnson & Johnson, a Fortune 500 multinational company manufacturing medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer packaged goods; Korn Ferry International, an organisational and people advisory firm, the world's largest provider of executive search; and LUISS Business School, an internationally accredited provider of business education, based in Rome (Italy). The GROW FAST initiative offers to a selected group of outstanding women: direct access to organisations eager to support talents in the development of their potential; an internationally accredited MBA at LUISS Business School, which provides a culturally relevant and professionally memorable experience in the heart of Rome; a fully sponsored accelerated track into the world of business with leading companies that pursue diversity and inclusion as key strategic assets. The initiative consists of four main steps: selection of talented women; initial 3-month internship in Johnson & Johnson starting in July 2017, with a reimbursement of expenses of up to EUR 1,000 per month; 1-year MBA programme at LUISS Business School starting in October 2017, the tuition fee of EUR 27,000 + EUR 13,000 of living expenses being covered by a study loan; 2-year employment contract in Johnson & Johnson starting in October 2018, with a previously agreed salary + an extra that covers the repayment of the study loan within the term of the employment contract. The selected participants will be continuously mentored, starting from the initial internship until the end of the GROW FAST initiative. ELIGIBILITY Female candidates with: Bachelor’s degree; at least 2 years of work experience; professional working proficiency in English.  APPLICATION PROCESS Applicants must provide: copy of the degree certificate; fully-completed MBA application form; Curriculum Vitae; copy of passport or ID document; digital photo; essay explaining why they qualify for the GROW FAST. The selection of candidates is divided in two core phases 1. ADMISSION TO THE MBA PROGRAMME  LUISS Business School: receives and processes all the applications; organises the admission tests, consisting of a logics and English test in order to evaluate the admission of the potential candidates to the MBA programme (logics test can be omitted, if proof of a valid GMAT or GRE certificate is provided, and English test can be omitted, if proof of a valid TOEFL or IELTS certificate is provided); provides a guarantee for a study loan, covering the tuition fee of EUR 27,000 + the above-mentioned living expenses. Korn Ferry International provides strategic support in the process of search and selection of the candidates.2. EVALUATION TO PARTICIPATE IN GROW FAST 2. EVALUATION TO PARTICIPATE IN GROW FAST Based on the admission test results, motivational interview(s) with selected candidates and representatives of Johnson & Johnson and LUISS Business School will be organised. Candidates will be considered and evaluated on the basis of merit and regarding the quality of their admission application and interviews. At the end of the evaluation process a ranking of the candidates will be finalised, and up to three candidates will be offered the opportunity to participate in the GROW FAST initiative. Other candidates who pass the LUISS MBA admission tests, but who have not been selected as participants in GROW FAST, are welcome to enrol in the MBA programme, following the indications and deadline given to them by the Admissions Office of the LUISS Business School. If the candidate does not proceed with the necessary steps within the given deadline, her status will automatically decay from the right of immediate enrolment.  DEADLINES AND CONDITIONS Applications for participation in the GROW FAST initiative must be submitted by April 15, 2017 to The pre-selected candidates will be contacted approximately two weeks after the above-mentioned deadline, to invite them to the admission tests. The interviews with the candidates selected based on the admission test results and with Johnson & Johnson will be held in May 2017, and the final decision will be taken in June 2017. The final selected candidates must confirm their participation in the initiative within 5 working days after reception of the notification, signing the MBA Regulations and the agreement with Johnson & Johnson. If a candidate fails to confirm her participation, next candidates in their merit order in the waiting list will be considered, and the renounced candidate loses her right to participate in the GROW FAST initiative. In case of withdrawal from the MBA programme or exclusion of it for any reason, the participant will not be offered an employment contract at Johnson & Johnson and she is required to refund the total loan and other administrative charges. In case the participant completes her MBA studies and does not sign the employment contract with Johnson & Johnson or leaves Johnson & Johnson before the term of the 2-year employment contract, she is required to refund the total loan and other administrative charges. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at, (+39) 06 85 22 5577 or (+39) 06 85 22 5064. DOWNLOAD PDF 10/02/2016

15 December 2016

LUISS MBA AdVenture: when entrepreneurship meets the teamwork

MBA AdVenture is a very innovative project designed to challenge the students to put into practice knowledge learned during the academic year. It is a laboratory aimed to push its participants to apply their skills and know how in  a real company producing tangible and implementable results. Alessandro Blanchi, Svetlana Ivanova, Britney Minto and Valerio Caprasecca are the team members that have been working with EggUp, an Italian startup company with the mission to change the way in which employers find suitable professionals  and  match them with their existing teams. “We carefully studied the company and its business model in order to find points of strength and weakness that had to be worked on . – they say – After careful consideration and detailed analysis of all the material collected, we decided to propose a new business model. “In order to accomplish this task, we planned several Skype meetings as our group was composed of team members that were located in different countries. We had to manage long distances and various time zones: for example, Britney was in Philadelphia, US while Valerio was in Melbourne, Australia”. The challenges that the team faced didn’t concern merely the organizational profile, but affected even the decisions which had to be made: “The project challenged us to think outside the box, to design a smarter and more modern solution for EggUp and to be competitive in its market. In order to make the idea even more valuable, we supported the entire project with theoretical and academic insights acquired during our studies at LUISS Business School and from each of our own previous work experiences”. “The AdVenture experience represented an exceptional added value within the LUISS MBA program. It gave us the possibility to see and evaluate all the aspects of a company. We truly had a unique opportunity of knowing the vision of a startup, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as the needs of the markets and of potential investors. It is an experience unlike no other”.  Working in a team has been really helpful for developing the team members  future careers: “It allowed all of us to utilize our strengths, sharpen our weaknesses, trusting and depending on our team members. Being a team player is a valuable asset that will be needed in all of our career from human resources, marketing, business development, to innovation. We are now equipped to make the transition from classmates to colleagues”. “We would describe the program in 3 words: • Challenging: coping with the overall stress due to the multiple time differences, various schedules of team members, and managing the different ideas concerning potential strategies to implement; • Resourceful: in terms of putting into practice academics in order to form a solution that meets the needs and interests of the company; • Creative: requires brainstorming to produce unique solutions that can be practically implemented”