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07 September 2021

Be a change leader: the post-Covid challenge of the Luiss Business School

This is the main goal addressed by Matteo Caroli, Associate Dean for internationalization, during the Graduation Day with the students of the international Masters: «It's your time to inspire». «You can achieve everything in life if you don't give up»: is the message of the student Jolda Tomani, during the Valedictorian Speech. «It's time to become change-agents». With this advice Matteo Caroli, Associate Dean for internationalization of the Luiss Business School, hailed the Graduation Day of the students of the nine international masters, edition 2018/2019. In the post-Covid world, while we're facing the effects of the pandemic on our economy and society, being a change leader, a person who can inspire personal and professional communities, will be a key factor for the years to come. «It's time to become change-agents in the evolution of your organizations and time to adapt yourself to the frequent changes and transformations», said professor Caroli, who recollected all the stages of the long path walked by the students. They improved their skills and acquired new ones, expanded their network and, by the end, they had «the opportunity to grow». Graduation Day is the final step in this educational path, but it is also «the starting point» for their personal and professional future development. This complex, dynamic and challenging environment requires change agents who can also be leaders of this New Normal time. Thus, Luiss Business School believes that «education is much more than what you learn; it is about how you think and how you act. Our daily commitment is to develop passionate and inspiring leaders who believe growth and entrepreneurship are essential to achieve great results». «Being here showed me that you can achieve everything in life if you don't give up – said Jold Tomani, student of Risk management and insurance, during the Valedictorian Speech. – After finishing my bachelor’s degree in Albania in Business Administration, I decided that I had to find an opportunity to attend the master abroad or not to do the master at all: being accepted with a full scholarship taught me that if you want something, you have to try and don't give up». Living abroad, without friends who speak your language and share the same culture, makes students grow in many ways and let them change their mindset. Thanks to all the experiences shared by professors and successful leaders, students can learn how to translate vision into reality. «The most important thing that I've gained from the master is the development of the soft skills – continued Tomani, who dedicated the degree to her father – I do believe that it is very important to strengthen the hard skills and doing the best in what you do. But if you don't have the soft skills to cooperate and communicate effectively with others, even the best product won't be sold. And the best product is ourselves». The Luiss Business School Alumni become ambassadors in all professional communities, in Italy and abroad. This is powered by the “Connect” community, an exclusive network platform where the Luiss Business School Alumni have the chance to keep on talking with their peers and colleagues, matching with new professional opportunities. Starting from the Graduation Day every is welcome to “Connect”, where all the photos of the ceremony are now available. Register now! 9/7/2021

04 August 2021

Dalia Caterino: «The real boost for my career? Competencies, competition and soft skills»

The Luiss Business School values cannot be counted only thanks to its educational offer, but mainly through the people who passed through our classrooms, collecting excellency in their professional path. This is the story of Dalia Caterino, Creative Office Library & Vintage at Gucci, for #MyLuissBusiness series A study of the World Economic Forum reveals that 65 per cent of children attending primary school, in future will hold job roles not existing yet. Dalia Caterino, alumna of Fashion and Luxury Business – Major of the Master in Fashion, Luxury and Tourism Management at Luiss Business School - proves it: nowadays she works in the Design Department Team at Gucci, in Rome offices, especially dedicated to the Creative Office Library & Vintage. During an interview for a vacancy in the Communication Department, Dalia told her experience carried out in the Design Department at Valentino, an opportunity achieved through the Master, and she caught the eye of her Recruiters: they allowed her to adapt her skills to a professional role supporting designers in the creative process. After a Laurea Triennale in Moda e Costume (comparable to a Bachelor of Art in Fashion, *not) at La Sapienza University in Rome, Dalia has chosen our School’s Master in Fashion & Luxury to enhance her education. Nowadays, she is 28, an alumna in the true sense of the term: «Every time I am telling about my path in Luiss, I always keep a light in my eyes». Educational offer, focus on language competencies, and soft skills developed during courses: these are Dalia’s acceleration factors in the fashion world. Dalia Caterino, why did you chose Luiss Business School? I had already got positive feedbacks by other people, who had chosen it for their education. Actually, I had compared Luiss’ program with similar proposals from other universities, but ever since I participated to the Open Day, I have been charmed by meeting the Professors. Which do you think to be the strengths of the master in Fashion & Luxury? The focus on English language: I think it is fundamental for fashion industry. When started, despite my English level was high, I was a little bit awed: anyway, the master allowed me to boost my English. The comparison with people belonging to different cultures has been really valuable: in my class, we were 17. Moreover, the educational curriculum – wide, but not generalized – convinced me: every aspect would have been examined in detail and not generally treated. Along the path, this helped me to understand what I really wanted to do in my life. How? When attending a master for the fashion industry, where roles are many and various, it is difficult to pinpoint the most specific ones. Thanks to this master I have been driven towards the understanding on where-to-be in the next future. How much important has it been the development of soft skills declared in the curriculum? I used to be an introverted person: thanks to the master, I have been able to step forward. Comparing oneself, not only with the Professors, but also with Professionals, it represents a bit of what is going to happen outside the comfort zone. Too often, the main scare of young people is not being able to measure up: we are often said not to have studied enough, or not to be adequate experts about a certain topic. I believe that with Luiss Business School masters instead, thanks to its wide but curated educational offer, it is possible to seize the necessary. There is no redundancy. The most significant moments of your path in Luiss Business School: what have they been? The final exam, where we managed to put in practice what we have been learning. It is about teamworking: you must match your ideas with those of other team members, but you must also compete. This last point is very important: without it, you cannot grow. It allows to overcome one’s own limits: otherwise, you do not get out of the comfort zone. Another important activity is the on-site visits to corporates’ headquarters. What do you remember about such experience? Above all the visit at the Design Department at Valentino’s headquarters in Rome marked my path. Over there, we have visited their historical archive. Along the interview aimed at the internship within Gucci, I told the recruiters about such experience. This pushed them to offer me the position I currently hold, even though I had applied for another role within the company. What position have you applied for? I wanted to work in the Communication and Public Relations Department. By the way, through soft skills labs, and courses aimed at analyzing them, I realized that what is generally told about the world of fashion is a bit misleading: nobody tells you what you’re really going to do, what the real job is. It is possible to dream about a non-existent role.  Hearing from the Communication Director of Alexander McQueen has been very useful: he helped us to understand what are the underlaying mechanisms of this role. I have always tried to observe and learn from professors, from professionals, but also from colleagues. Till today, I have never stopped myself thinking about where I am. I have been dreaming to join Gucci since I was younger, and I have got it, but in a job role I didn't know existed. What did bring you to such awareness? We must have a goal in our lives, to be reached with little steps, concentrating on what we are doing into the here and now; on what we can bring with us in the future. You work in the Style Library & Vintage Office at Gucci: what do you do, in detail? My Team works on library management, supporting the designers in the initial development of the collection, and to the Vintage management, which is part of the company’s property. It is a cross-sectional position to the whole Design Department. In two years and a half the position has been growing a lot: in other companies, it does not exist. My and my boss are shaping it on our desires, on the company’s exigencies too, and I feel to be growing a lot. I firmly believe that part of this merit is due to the trail I have walked within Luiss’ walls. Coming from Luiss world, has it represented a plus in entering the professional world? Have you noticed any difference? Absolutely yes. Luiss Business School is a nationally and internationally recognized institution. You are constantly in touch with the world of practice, and this makes the difference. Without a specialization I wouldn’t have been able to deal with it, even if I had been the most prepared person in the world. Apparently, the world of luxury and fashion seems to be less masculine than other ones, but in holding certain job roles, difficulties persist.  Being a woman, and the educational path carried out in Luiss, have they helped you to build up an armor? Yes, they have: in comparing each other in the classroom, but also soft skills labs have been very helpful. The Design Department represents a challenging reality: it constitutes the fashion world at its utmost. The master helped me to get stronger. Playing the game and competing with others: they give a higher self-confidence and help to overcome some barriers, demonstrating the real oneself, without feeling disadvantaged just because women. In the future, do you ever think to carry on building up yourself in the field, or would you rather “go back to school” to acquire new skills? I would rather do it right now! I graduated at the master two-and-a-half years ago, and I soon started working at Gucci. But I am very curious, I love learning and I would appreciate diving back to coursework. Fashion is not the same as 20 years ago. There are many topics – sustainability and innovation, among others – which are changing the governance of many corporates.  How is Gucci juggling this? When it comes to environment and sustainability, Gucci is the first one to expose itself. Within the Design Department, we keep ourselves updated about such topics. When working in fast-paced environments, you do not have much time to keep up-to-date, and it is very positive when your workplace pushes you to get informed and educated. You have also been a mentor for Coursera: have you put something borrowed from Luiss, within this experience? Every single piece of what I learnt! Despite I was just out of the university, it has been very interesting being a mentor for people like me. Providing ideas about how to get informed, which is something we have always been doing at Luiss, is fundamental: staying curious and updated should not be undervalued. Your tips to those approaching. Observe and learn; ask professionals as much as you can. Look for internships since the beginning. Before the end of master, we felt very anxious about the search of the internship experience. It takes not to fall by the wayside when looking for the internship. Do not give up, believe that something is ready to welcome you. By the way, Luiss Team is constantly by your side when preparing the interview: along the whole path, full sustain is ensured. 8/4/2021

04 August 2021

Luigi Caldarola: «Career change is easier, thanks to Luiss Business School»

After five years in Nike, the alumnus launched himself in a new adventure, diving into an industry to be discovered according to his personality. To back him up, skills and a wide curiosity. Luigi Caldarola’s story, after the Major in Corporate Finance, for #MyLuissBusiness series Leaving the job of his dreams in Nike, diving into the unexplored: Luigi Caldarola has chosen to try it, without any fear. The university journey made at Luiss gave him energy and self-confidence. Nowadays he is 30, training himself to become the European Senior Financial Analyst at StockX, a company working with limited-edition products reselling. The bravery to start again with solid skills and great curiosity, it comes from the Major in Corporate Finance of the Master in Financial Management, that Luigi attended at Luiss Business School. Luigi Caldarola, why did you chose to enroll in the Major in Corporate Finance at Luiss Business School? I got my Bachelor in Economics and Management – Administration, Finance and Company Control at Luiss Guido Carli. After an educating experience in London, both at a personal and professional level, I have understood what to do in my life. What happened? During my first experience, I had to deal with investment funds based on climate change. Afterwards, I understood that I wanted to get closer to the Corporate Finance world. Then, being very attached to my roots and family, I decided to come back to Rome and to go on with my education thanks to the Major in Corporate Finance (MACOFIN) at Luiss Business School. Why have you chosen a Master program instead of a Master’s degree? Holding a Master program outweighs abroad. The world of practice is very competitive, especially at an international level: I wanted to try to accelerate the whole process. How was the environment you found at Luiss Business School? A splendid, serene, international environment: it allowed me to make friends along the whole journey together. I have met a stunning team, and we keep on staying in touch: we have never been only colleagues, but real friends, studying and going out together. The relationship with the faculty members has been wonderful, and the teachings have been excellent. A limited number of students constitutes each class, and this is a factor which allows professors to provide attendants with a specific, student-oriented mindset. At the beginning, I did not know it would have been like this. MACOFIN is fully in English: has this fact been a threat or an opportunity? I have started with a good English basis, since I had had the opportunity to practice it, but it is very important to be in touch with the language every day: speaking, understanding, reading it and express oneself. Even among us we tried to speak English as much as possible. The master enhanced it, thanks to the concentrated focus on Corporate Finance glossary, a brand-new subject for me. Soft skills: how have you worked on them during the master? Communication is everything: we have tried to communicate each other as much as possible. Building up relationships, even with small talks is basic, a factor which helped me both in the past and in my current job. How to work in teams has also been pushed as activity, in addition to the change of the group itself, aiming to interact with everybody. The master has given us a specific mindset on how to approach particular themes in the future environment. What about the most significant moments along this journey? There have not been significant moments above others: the whole path has been wonderful. Starting a new chapter of your life with people you get on well with, it represents a plus, indeed. The only worst moment arrived at the very end, when we were perceiving to be almost concluding the year, and we were about to separate each other. Instruction and teachings: what did make the difference? Among professors, some more, some less – important names were counted within Faculty team – had collected important experiences along their careers. Everyone used to arrive in a happy mood to lesson, aware that there would have been important people to listen to. In addition to be actual teachings, they have been life lessons. From Luiss Business School to Nike: how did you get there? Working in Nike has always been the dream of my life, and I got there by chance. I was in Croatia, and I thought to send an email to the HR department to ask about vacancies. I was not expecting an answer, but I received a prompt one instead, offering me the possibility to do an interview immediately. I had a pending offer from British American Tobacco, but Nike was my dream. So, I said to myself: “Let’s see how it goes”. Coming from Luiss world, what did it mean? It meant a lot, as I told before, it is an international environment. The approach with the English has been important, in addition to how teaching experience was. About your moving to StockX: did the experience in Luiss make the difference? Luiss has represented the core. When I introduce myself, I start from the basis, from my university path, and I widely highlight this. During the application I have been doing, in the drop-down menus the Luiss item was among the very first ones. It is very popular, especially abroad. What position are you going to hold at StockX? I will be Senior Financial Analyst at European level. StockX is a big company born in America, ready to land in the Old Continent.  The company has two hundred employees in London’s offices and the Finance Department is currently empty: I am the first and only resource of the sector. It is a very dynamic position, in need to be organized at a structural level, and I am going there for this reason. This is a new, increasing business and it must be in-depth analyzed. I will report to the headquarters, in the United States, despite I will largely work in smart working, travelling among The Netherlands, London and the United States. How will your life be in StockX? A famous proverb says the devil you know is better than the devil you do not. This is true regarding Nike: life in its campus has been incredibly beautiful. By the way, now the corporate routine is different for all. StockX allows me to be in smart working, I won’t go to the office daily, thus at a human level it will be completely different.  For this reason, I requested in person meetings in the headquarters: personal encounters are essential. What will you bring from Nike? I will try to bring with me all the multiethnic experience I have made, being more open-minded compared to when I started, trying to be a better business partner. Moreover, I carry on keeping in mind Nike’s structure and technical skills, which I have been strengthening in Luiss, also. What are your future plans? Do you ever think diving back to education? I consider my career still at a beginner step. I was not planning to change, but it happened: it may happen the same with studies. Nowadays, changing and finding something new is very difficult, but it is possible. Competition is huge. Once I feel to be able to deal with both, I would like to try to carry on my studies for expanding my knowledge, one of the reasons which drove me towards the change. Have you students been trained to competitiveness during your time spent at Luiss Business School? Yes, we have, but I found a “nice” concept of competitiveness among colleagues. Your suggestions to current and future students: how to fully catch opportunities along the path? Above all, believe in that: I collected a difficult experience at high school. But I always have had specific objectives on which I have focused my attention, and I never surrendered. Life must be eaten up: this is something Luiss taught me. Another fundamental aspect is to seize every moment: years at Luiss have been tough but beautiful. To which creativity to appeal, since the last students have not had the opportunity to live what you could do in presence? How to compensate for? The human factor is fundamental, I have experimented it on the work field. Last year spent in smart working allowed me to come back home, but the ideal is the right mix between the office and the screen. You are about to face an important career switch: did the journey made at Luiss Business School help you in in this passage? Yes, it did. In Luiss I have learnt to widen my vision. At first, I thought I would have worked in Italy, but during my journey in Business School, having to do with many cultures, I have learnt to let me go. Since there, it was born my desire to try to join Nike, in The Netherlands, and I have not been scared anymore. I must be grateful to my family, who has stayed by my side, supporting my choice. I am thankful to whom has been close to me during this journey, a person in particular. I am also grateful to whom contributed to make this experience as unforgettable. After my first experience abroad, after many difficult moments, I felt braver and said to myself: «…why not to try with a smaller reality, to make it greater? ». But there is also another question to which I am going to answer, sooner or later. What? We often talk about brain drain from Italy. I think we have the moral duty to take back our experiences: I believe that one day I will put together all of these, to make them greater in our homeland. 8/4/2021

23 July 2018

The road to LUISS Business School: Donna, Full-time MBA Candidate from Indonesia

For me the MBA at LUISS Business School is intense  “The GROW FAST program is quite different from the other scholarships because it gives you an opportunity to really develop yourself after a very intensive and challenging path as the LUISS MBA”: Donna, Full-time MBA Candidate from Indonesia, is recipient of the first GROW FAST program. GROW FAST is an initiative part of GROW-Generating Real Opportunities for Women, a talent program aimed at promoting and improving personal and professional growth of outstanding women students.     "My name is Donna, I'm from Indonesia and my background is on marketing and I'm here as a recipient of the GROW FAST program. I see that this program is quite different from the other scholarships because this program gives you an opportunity to really develop yourself by giving you a professional opportunity after the MBA program. I think intensive is the word, it's quite intense the whole program, how it's structured and the schedule of the program is quite intense. I like the LUISS MBA program because how they structure the courses is not only about the hard skills but also emphasizes on the soft skills as well. So, it's not about only how to make money and profit, but also, the morality on making business decisions. The LUISS MBA program is intense". GROW FAST – Financing and Supporting Talents is an initiative that is part of GROW – Generating Real Opportunities for Women, designed and launched in a joint effort by Johnson & Johnson, Korn Ferry International and LUISS Business School. The GROW FAST initiative offers to a selected group of outstanding women: direct access to organisations eager to support talents in the development of their potential; an internationally accredited MBA at LUISS Business School, which provides a culturally relevant and professionally memorable experience in the heart of Rome; a fully sponsored accelerated track into the world of business with leading companies that pursue diversity and inclusion as key strategic assets. Discover GROW FAST  23/07/2018

05 July 2018

The road to LUISS Business School: Andres, Full-time MBA Candidate from Colombia

For me the MBA at LUISS Business School is multicultural  “Even if I studied finance, I really care about the human side of business and its social impact: that's why I chose this MBA”. A balance between hard skills and soft skills in a multicultural environment: Andres, Full-time MBA Candidate from Colombia, tells his journey to LUISS Business School. His story is signed by diversity, as a value driving teaching and learning, and a real experience to live in the classroom day by day. “My name is Andres Gallego, I'm from Colombia, I have experience in finance and project management. I have worked in banks, insurance companies and also developing different projects with social and environmental impact. When you are a foreigner, you maybe have not a very deep understanding of the Italian either the market or the Universities but when you start to analyze the different options that you have, you find the top five, the top three, the top two businesses schools in Italy and I found LUISS as part of it. So now I think that people call LUISS as the name but actually, what it means is a free-thinking University that works and is focused on social studies. So even if I studied finance, I really care about the human side of business, the impact and the development and at the end that's why I choose this University. They have really put an effort and a focus on developing not only their normal activities, the normal lectures, but they also have a really high focus on different activities where you have the chance to develop the soft skills and that's what I like the most. Inside the classroom you have as more representation of the world, for example, in this year edition we have one representative or more or less each continent of the world, so basically, you have the chance to meet people with different ideas, different background, different experiences but also different cultures. For me the MBA at LUISS Business School is multicultural”. The LUISS MBA offers the connections to your future whether your ambition lies in starting a business or changing a large organization, transforming your world or changing the wider world. Offering a personalized learning experience driven by diversity, the LUISS MBA is your platform for new business thinking. Discover the #LUISSMBA 05/07/2018 

09 June 2016

#MasterYourCareer: a 360 degrees professional and personal growth

A degree in political science, a career as a professional basketball player and now the Master in Tourism Management: Stefano’s experience, student at LUISS Business School   Could you tell us about yourself and your background? My name is Stefano Rambaldi,  I am 24 years old, I graduated in political science. And I am also a professional basketball player in Italian League B and League A. During this year I played in the Italian League B Championship with the University team  "ASD LUISS", which helped me to obtain a scholarship to attend the Master. //   Why did you choose the Master in Tourism Management? I chose this Master during my stay in Dublin where, apart from sports, I got to work at Sandymount Hotel, the Hotel sponsor of the team with which I disputed the Irish Premier League of basketball. Through this experience I became interested in tourism and the Master in Tourism Management perfectly answered  my desire to grow in this field. The fact that the program was fully taught in English significantly contributed my choice. Therefore I decided to return to Italy and take the admission test  for the Master and the University's sports team selections required to obtain a scholarship. What does following this Master at LUISS Business School means to you? The Master is contributed a lot to my professional growth through a learning process based on experience: the Labs and comparison with successful managers and professionals allowed me to apply the theoretical aspects of the study on concrete case studies. //   Particularly through the Soft Skills Lab, the University is providing every tool you need to become a qualified candidate from the relational point of view . We learnt how to speak in public and to communicate effectively, to be able to carry on a trade, manage conflict, work as a team. These are all skills that I am developing and that are very useful in tasks that I do, sports in the first place. The training at 360 degrees that I received led me to discover areas of interests and professions that I did not know or that I had not taken into account. Attending a Master in LUISS Business School in fact does not only mean achieving a specialization but it also means learning how to be versatile and expand professional and personal horizons. What are your future projects? In the future I wish I could take care of experiential tourism focusing on the value of sustainability. I would love to be able to work on those services able to immerse the visitor in full and authentic activities in the local community , by being able to enhance the culture and respect the values. In the upcoming weeks I will have the opportunity to deepen these themes during the internship that I will perform at Rosewood Hotel in Castiglion del Bosco in Tuscany. I will support the team Guest Relation in all communications with the guests at the pre-arrival time. I will let them know the tasks that are available to Hotel guests, their cost, their profitability and will cooperate to organize their stay based on their interests. To have the chance to participate in the activities of a great hotel reality like this, is for me a great opportunity to get involved and apply concretely on the field the teachings received so far. What advice do you give to who wants to enrol in this Master? I recommend it to anyone who is considering  joining  the Master stepping up to a path that requires a lot of effort but that will offer many opportunities  to get started , define and pursue their first career goals. In LUISS Business School you  will find a dynamic environment that can offer training and growth at 360 degrees. Therefore the tip I can give to prospective students is addressing this path with curiosity, trying to grasp all the stimuli and opportunities for personal and professional enrichment that this experience offers. Discover the Master in Tourism Management