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28 January 2021

Master International Management – Milan and Amsterdam – Webinar

Introducing the Full-time Master in International Management – Milan and Amsterdam. Register and attend the live webinar!   On February 8 at 6 pm CET participate in the live webinar to learn more about the Master in International Management – Milan & Amsterdam, a 12-month programme designed to turn motivated young professionals into tomorrow’s global leaders. The Webinar will help you understand if this master is the right move to break out of your comfort zone and become a multicultural and globally oriented professional able to successfully tackle the current and future challenges of international management. The Master offers indeed the chance to understand trends and industries that operate both in Italy and in Europe studying in Milan, at the Milano Luiss Hub, and in Amsterdam, at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy and learning from both Luiss’ top academics and senior business executives from global companies. The Director and the Coordinator of the Master will present the contents and structure of the programme and, during a Q&A, will answer all your questions and curiosities and provide you with more details, insights and suggestions to participate in the next edition of the Master starting in March 2021. The live webinar is aimed at recent graduates — or those graduating soon — from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Speakers Matteo Giuliano Caroli, Director of the Master and Full Professor of International Business, Luiss Guido Carli Università John Sterk, Professor of Practice, Luiss Business School and CEO Support Amsterdam Fashion Academy Giulia Antenucci, Master Full-time Coordinator, Luiss Business School REGISTER  1/28/2021

04 December 2020

Flex Executive MBA – Webinar

 The Impact of Covid-19 on Marketing trends and strategies     On Thursday, January 7, 2021, at 6.00 pm CET we invite you to join the online presentation of the Flex Executive MBA, the new programme of Luiss Business School starting in February 2021. The Flex EMBA is an 18-month programme entirely taught in English designed for executives, managers and entrepreneurs who want to combine online lessons, digital and face-to-face networking opportunities with senior professionals and a global perspective thanks to an international learning experience and a Study tour abroad. Attending the webinar will offer you the chance to discover how the contents of the Flex EMBA gives you the competencies to face the challenges of present and future business. You will virtually meet Danny Abramovich, an experienced marketing specialist, lecturer, consultant, entrepreneur and part of the International Faculty of Flex EMBA who will discuss on the impact of the pandemic on B2B and B2C Marketing explaining also the great marketing-related takeaways of Covid-19, one of which is the Flexibility. The MBA coordinators during a Q&A session will provide participants with information about the programme structure, the selection process and the scholarships available. All the connected participants who wish to proceed with the selection process of the Flex EMBA can benefit from the application fee waiver. The online event is free upon registration. REGISTER 12/4/2020

28 November 2020

Part-time MBA - Online Open Lesson

  On Saturday, December 5 at 2 pm we invite you to join an Open Lesson of the Part-time MBA, the 22-month programme starting in March 2021 designed to ensure innovative and competitive skills required by the market and built around the concepts of Transformation, Impact and Sustainability. You will have the chance to connect to a virtual room, attend a real MBA online class of the Corporate Strategy course held by Ryan Krause, Visiting Professor at Luiss Business School and Associate Professor of Strategy and the Robert and Edith Schumacher Faculty Fellow in the Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University. The objective in this course is for students to improve their understanding of strategic management in general, with particular emphasis on the challenges associated with managing a multi-business firm. Upon completing this course, students will have gained a greater appreciation for the challenges and opportunities of operating organizations that span multiple areas of business. The objectives for the Corporate Strategy course include: -  Developing a general management orientation, including the ability to analyze broad, corporate-level problems. -  Integrating the business skills, you have already developed and knowledge you have obtained in other coursework. -  Developing an awareness of the literature on corporate strategy and how it applies to contemporary organizations. The MBA Staff is also available for one-to-one information sessions for those who attend the open lesson and are eager to learn more about the next edition of the Part-time MBA. REGISTER  11/28/2020

23 November 2020

ERSlab Technology with Interlogica

  The social innovation consequent to technological development is having an unforeseen acceleration if compared to past industrial revolutions. To this issue, fears and hopes are often addressed, going far beyond a calm, reflective and rational approach. The risk to live this change in a deterministic and passive way exists, projecting apocalyptic fears or messianic hopes towards that. To the catastrophic attitude belonging to a humanity irretrievably corrupted by new technologies (featuring scenes taken from a dystopic film), it oppositely corresponds the innovative one, finding in the technical-scientific progress the panacea to any evil, the solutions to whichever problem (the automation paradise). The deterministic approach is a non-ethical one, as it excludes the freedom of intervention and the subsequent responsibility. Instead, the human arbitrium is the fundamental of any attention towards oneself and the other. For this reason, whenever one delegates a choice to an instrument, or whenever an instrument interposes itself in a relationship between people, whenever representing the reality with a device, a kind of social distortion has been produced. To adopt it, it means to act blindly and irresponsibly. With this aim, Interlogica, a software house, which has been invited to the ERSlab held last November 16th, has introduced their BigUp!, an app aimed at recognizing competences between colleagues, transforming thanksgiving in cooperation, increasing the positive impact on values and on corporate culture. The students of our Master in Financial Management, Major in Corporate Finance; Big Data Management; Management & Technology, Major in Business Transformation, faced the challenge to analyze the device under an ethical profile, in order to propose its most right usage. 11/23/2020

19 October 2020

Expression of interest for academic positions

  Luiss University invites outstanding scholars to express their interest in the following positions offered by the Luiss Business School: Associate or Full Professor of Accounting/Finance Associate or Full Professor of International Business Associate or Full Professor of Organizational Behaviour Associate or Full Professor of Management of the Digital Transformation Associate or Full Professor of Marketing About the Luiss Business School Located in the heart of Rome, Luiss Business School offers post-graduate programs – including MBA and Executive and Custom Programs. Luiss Business School’s mission is to create better leaders for a better world. To deliver this mission the School is reinventing the business education experience, focusing on economic, social and human capital, developing creative, collaborative and resilient business leaders. Leveraging critical thinking and embedding ethics and responsibility, the School experience is like no other, growing and transforming its partners, individual and corporate. Students translate academic and applied knowledge into action, building opportunities for the digital era, creating stronger businesses, and tackling social and economic challenges. The School has been awarded EQUIS and AMBA accreditations and is a member of PRME, GRLI and GBSN International Networks. It is a renowned European institution of higher education that links rigorous teaching standards with a relevant practical experience, emphasizing its solid corporate network along with the importance of ERS standards. Requirements Successful candidates are – or show a drive to become – leading academics in their fields. They will be ambitious scholars who are open to working in teams, able to develop research projects and engaged in the academic environment of Luiss. Luiss University is an equal opportunity employer and accepts applications without discriminations of any kind. Please submit your expression of interest preferably by November 5 at 2:00 pm (Central European Time CET, UTC+1). Late submissions will also be considered. 10/19/2020

03 September 2020

Luiss Business School achieves AMBA accreditation

  Luiss Business School has officially received accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA), one of the world’s leading authorities on post-graduate business education, demonstrating its continuing commitment to excellence in management education. Upon receiving AMBA accreditation, all current MBA students and MBA alumni of Luiss Business School are invited to join AMBA’s global member community of more than 50,000 students and alumni in more than 150 countries on a free basis, for networking, thought leadership, career development, and a variety of benefits. Luiss Business School is located in Rome, Italy. The School delivers postgraduate and executive education including degree (MBA and one-year specialist Masters), non-degree, open and customised programmes as well as producing academic and applied research. Accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA) represents the highest standard of achievement in post-graduate business education. Its rigorous assessment criteria ensure that only the highest-calibre programmes which demonstrate the best standards in teaching, curriculum, and student interaction achieve Association of MBAs accreditation. Members of AMBA’s visiting accreditation panel, representing senior management at AMBA-accredited Business Schools globally, commended the senior leadership team, in particular the collegiate atmosphere they created at the School. The panel thought this demonstrated the boutique and human-oriented culture of the School. The panel also noted the School’s rapid response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This included delivering both existing and new programmes online, as well taking other operational activities online swiftly. The School was also commended for its strong connections with companies operating in Italy and beyond. Paolo Boccardelli, Dean of Luiss Business School, said: "Joining the 300 Business Schools that have received the AMBA accreditation globally is a source of great satisfaction for us. Our MBA and our School have proved that they can meet the high-quality standards required for this accreditation and it is a confirm of the right direction of the work done in these years. The rapid response to the Covid-19 pandemic was also appreciated, to which we promptly responded with the delivery of new programmes in digital formula and the creation of new training courses". AMBA accreditation is international in scope and reach, and AMBA works under the belief that accredited programmes should be of the highest standard and reflect changing trends and innovation in post-graduate management education. Its accreditation process reflects this commitment to fostering innovation, and demanding Business Schools to perform at the highest level continually. Andrew Main Wilson, Chief Executive of the Association of MBAs and Business Graduates Association (BGA), said, "It is a pleasure to welcome Luiss Business School to AMBA’s network of world leading Business Schools. This School operates with the highest quality and has continued to do so, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, showing great innovation and adaptability. I look forward to working with Luiss Business School in the future".

03 October 2017

Humanity, humility and friendship: LUISS MBA Elizabeth's experience

My most memorable experience of LUISS Business School is the humanity, humility and friendship of my classmates and the LUISS Business School staff. I have a degree in Law, and before my MBA, I worked as a lawyer for a firm in Venezuela. When I had to deal with the world of economics, it was complicated for me to understand, so I decided to do an MBA. In the beginning I was scared. While I have always been an excellent student, the world of economics was new to me, and I was terrified about not being able to achieve this challenge at the level I wanted to achieve. From the first day, every person on the campus made me feel that I was going to make it, and the fear changed into excitement and curiosity. The reputation of LUISS in Italy is WOW. I really liked the individual attention. You are not a number; you have a name and a personality. The most amazing resource of the school is the people who work every day to deliver the best experience possible. In December of my MBA year I broke my ankle. It was incredible the way every person in the program was worried about me and my health, the way my classmates helped me out not to lose a single class or project and the way the professors helped me understand every topic. That humanity was my best gift from this MBA. Following my MBA I joined the Dorna Group as legal counsel, a company producing the WorldSBK and MotoGP events. My MBA experience has helped me to be more effective in my job because I am able to discuss a large range of business topics with confidence. I am also much more willing to try new things, which has helped me to improve my performance both at work and in my personal life. My advice to prospective candidates is to live the program intensely. In the beginning it seems long, but it goes very fast. Experience the magic of Rome by taking a walk, using public transportation, drinking coffee in the campus bar where they are always smiling and eating near the campus in one of the many places with good food, good prices and a good environment. Also experience the beautiful architecture of the campus. Consider doing an exchange program; I went to Hong Kong and the experience was incredible. Finally, enjoy it. You are a professional looking for something more to be competitive in the job market. We study our whole life to get hard skills, but soft skills are the ones that will allow you to be different from the others. Develop them, make friends, learn from the professors and guests, talk with the university´s team, every person will give you advice that someday you will use. I lived many things during my time at LUISS Business School. Every single experience made me a better person. Even now that I am far from there, I will always feel part of LUISS Business School. 02/20/2017

17 July 2017

“The LUISS MBA? A Monumental Experience”: to take a step toward a Finance career, Rafael choose LUISS Business School

Prior to joining the LUISS MBA program, Rafael Da Cruz Bezerra studied electrical engineering in Brazil and France. Then he worked in Brazil and Mozambique in Procurement and Internal Control for Vale S.A., one of the world’s largest mining companies. When he decided that an MBA was the next step toward a Finance career, Rafael wanted to study on a prestigious course in Italy and found LUISS Business School. Describing his LUISS MBA experience, Rafael said, “What I like best about the program is that with the small class size we have really bonded together. In addition, I have enjoyed the marketing courses, even if my focus area is Finance. The most memorable part of my year so far has been participating in the Finance Competition in Milan. There my colleagues and I saw that our course preparation was equal to that of other business schools like London Business School, HEC Paris or Insead. I recommend participating in competitions like this as well as exchanges or electives with other business schools. These experiences are very rich, much more than I anticipated. They are great for networking and giving a broader vision of where other business schools focus. They are also good to see the strengths of our own school. Living in Rome has also been an important part of my experience. My one word description of Rome is 'monumental'.  Everything here is in a different scale and always very impressive. After this first impact you start to realize that there are a multitude of Rome’s, with so many places and facets to discover. I live just outside Rome in a little town called Paliano, and I come often into Rome. It is a great city in all senses: culturally, night life and personal life (people are extremely friendly). One more piece of advice for prospective students is to learn a little Italian to really discover Italy. It is so much more than the big cities (Rome, Milan….) and with so much to offer, not just in business. My MBA experience so far has been great. My goal after the MBA is to have a career in Finance.  In the meantime I am working hard to enjoy every minute of these 15 months through my classroom learning, through exchange experiences and through living in Rome.” 17/07/2017

20 June 2017

Achieving an Automotive Career Dream: Ernesto, Brand & Marketing Analyst at Renault Italy, after the LUISS MBA

Since I was young, I have been passionate about cars and the automotive industry. During my economic studies in Milan, I worked in “Mercedes-Benz Milano”, which confirmed my interest in this field. After my university studies, I needed something that could help me put into practice all the theory I had learned. After long research, I thought an MBA could help me develop diverse skills to apply in many different professional situations. So I started an Executive Master focused on the automotive Industry and then an MBA, both at LUISS Business School in Rome. The best part of the MBA program was the practical approach of the teaching methods and the 360° degree personal development. I especially liked the continuous combination of work on hard and soft skills. Soft skills help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and work ethic including communication, problem solving, leadership and team collaboration. Hard skills are the same for everyone; soft skills differentiate you. Without any doubt, the most memorable experience was the “MBA-life”: waking up early in the morning, focusing on our goals all day and studying in the evening. It was fun because we students became like a family. We were often together and shared joys and sorrows. I have known great people who are my best friends. It was really an unforgettable experience. Living in Rome was also an important part of this experience. It allowed me to cultivate my passion for walking, exploring new things including art exhibitions. Living in a multiethnic city, rich with art and history, expanded my personal culture.  Plus Rome is the capital of Italy, and many multinational companies, especially in the automotive industry, have headquarters in Rome. I completed the last six months of the MBA in Paris, where I attended courses at ESSEC Business School. I wanted to learn a new language and experience the French culture and business environment. Back in Italy, my dream was to work in an automotive company, and I did many job interviews.  LUISS played a key role at this stage because it supported and directed me toward the best choices. We had several “career service” meetings where we simulated job interviews, learning how to handle stressful situations such as those sitting in front of an HR manager. Finally Groupe Renault hired me, after four rounds of interviews, in three languages ​​ with several tests. Groupe Renault is the third largest automotive group in Italy, after Fiat and Volkswagen, and its “Renault Clio” is the most popular foreign car in Italy.  My role is Brand & Marketing Analyst, and my team is responsible for pricing and positioning strategies for the Italian market. To be more precise, we are responsible for the analysis of trends and their impact on vehicle demand, and we are modifying constantly our car prices to respond to competitors' strategies. We collaborate with other business units, and we respond directly to the global management team to improve information flows and update weekly sales forecasts. When prospective LUISS MBA candidates contact me now, I tell them that companies are no longer looking for people who are prepared, skilled or with several degrees. They are looking for people who can bring innovation, ideas and… value! The LUISS MBA is a very intense and difficult program, and at the end, you feel great discovering how you have grown. The LUISS MBA has been an important step for me to bring this value and to achieve my career dream.

19 June 2017

The kick off of the Field Project Work of the LUISS Part time MBA students with WIND|3

On June 9, the kick off meeting of the Field Project Work of the LUISS Part time MBA students. A conclusive challenge of this advanced training and career path entirely taught in English, which allows students to elaborate a business consulting project working side by side with employers. Giancarlo Mazza, Head of Marketing Large & Top Offer WIND|3 will be supporting a team of LUISS Part time MBA students in realizing a strategic Marketing Plan for Large Enterprise Segment in Telecommunications industry with specific focus on ICT and new technologies trends. Starting from market segmentation and competition analysis, the project engages students to provide a strategic-medium term recommendation for WIND|3 through a SWOT analysis and WIND|3 positioning evaluation. As Giancarlo Mazza stated: “With this project WIND|3 confirms its willingness to drive digital transformation in B2B using also competencies and skills coming from executive educational program”. This innovative learning experience – based on a pragmatic approach – aims to develop students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes facing real problems and proposing real solutions to business related issues. Thanks to the guidelines and the suggestions shared directly by a top leader in the industry, the field project is a unique opportunity for the students to deepen how a distinct sector performs and consequently realize the skills to improve for their own career path. 19/06/2017

12 June 2017

A dream to join a European fashion apparel company: Natasha, US to Italy with the LUISS MBA program

Natasha Kuzmanovic has a dream to join a European fashion apparel company. Building on 11 years’ experience, most recently as Director of Merchandising at the University of Southern California (USC, one of the largest NCAA teams in the United States), the LUISS MBA is preparing her with the business, industry and cultural skills to make this transition. “Once I started considering the possibility of moving to Rome, I began to research schools in Italy. Through word of mouth I learned that LUISS has an unparalleled reputation in the Italian business community. From the beginning it was apparent that being associated with LUISS carries a lot of weight in Italy, especially in Rome. This was the driving factor in my decision making process.” As an American living in Rome, Natasha appreciates the hard-working and balanced lifestyle.  “Living in Rome is a unique experience that combines magnificent art and history with the modern world. The lifestyle in Rome replicates this model of time standing still and dynamic progress.   People are eager to work hard as well as to slow down and enjoy a good meal or time with friends. I find this balance very refreshing after living in United States, where the emphasis is more often on work than anything else.  My experience in Rome has been that we get everything accomplished, and we hold each other accountable, while respecting the boundaries and the need for personal life.” The program elements that make a difference for Natasha are the structure, complex problem solving and class diversity.  “The program is well-structured because it provides a good balance of a strong academic foundation with practical knowledge. As a class, we are challenged to solve complex problems, to think critically, to connect the dots and to get out of our comfort zone. The class diversity is an incredible advantage. Different backgrounds, education levels, skill sets and experiences contribute to dynamic and challenging discussions and help maintain high standards. We learn as much from each another as we do from professors.  The class profile is high quality, and we are constantly raising the bar higher. For example, our presentations have gone from basic, simple, and uncertain to elaborate, comprehensive, engaging and creative works of art. The LUISS MBA has been an invaluable experience for me. It has changed my life for the better, and I feel confident that I can succeed in the job market. I started this program hoping to get any job and now feel the ball is my court, and I can go after my dream.  Taking a year to attend the LUISS MBA program is changing the playing field for my entire career.”

23 May 2017

Building a global Perspective: the story of Wen Ting Chang, LUISS MBA class of 2016

MBA 2016 "Prior to the LUISS MBA, I worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan. I had accumulated significant experience in organizing diverse activities, including governmental ceremonies and visiting programs of foreign political leaders. I had also led one branch of a renowned Taiwanese educational institute, setting annual plans and budgets, and our team was recognized as best branch of the year. After all this experience in Taiwan, however, I realized that I needed to 'Go Global' to become more competitive in the dynamic global business environment. The LUISS MBA was appealing because it helped a person like me, with limited financial and economic experience, to build a solid knowledge of business, both hard and soft skills. The most critical part of the program was the international perspective shared between the diverse nationalities of faculty and participants. This allowed me to meet, work and become friends with people from around the world. My most memorable MBA experience was with an international social impact program. The project was in partnership with Energia per i Diritti Umani (Energy for the Human Rights), a non-profit organization financing and managing schools for children in Senegal, Gambia and India. Our team participated in a competition called “MBA for Africa”, in which we designed, under time pressure, a game for Senegalese children to educate them on the importance of team work and role play. Following the competition the organization brought the best design to Senegal, teaching children there how to play the game and understand the lesson behind it. I was thrilled to have strengthened my ability to work in a group under pressure, and we learned the power of bonding. Each team member had distinct backgrounds with different work patterns and habits. To achieve high-performance, we needed to build trust and have each person in the right place to conquer the challenge.   This experience gave me the opportunity to DO something meaningful for society, contributing as a member of the global village. The LUISS MBA program was intense but worthwhile. It enriched my global perspective and my personal experience. I have become more confident and ready to confront and solve challenges. It was also a place to nourish my awareness of social global issues. In the end I achieved my goal. I have developed my career into the next level and am enthusiastic about my life and future". 23/05/2017

22 May 2017

#MasterYourCareer - Challenges and difficulties in your life are the starting point for your achievements: Greta, IBM Analyist after the Master in Corporate Finance

«The Master in Corporate Finance was 360° training. Since the first admission test I learned that nothing is given but you have to earn as much as you are willing to fight and to overcome your limits. At the end job offers arrived fast»: Greta, IBM Analyst presso IBM in the Finance and Administration department in Bratislava, which is the largest centre in Europe.  “If you want something, go and get it. Point.” (from “The Pursuit of Happiness”) I am Greta, I am 27 years old and my passion is Finance. After obtaining the Master of Science in Economics, Management and Corporate Finance cum laude and a scarce job offer I felt I needed to specialize more in that field; hence the decision to enroll in the post degree Corporate Finance’s Master at the LUISS Business School. From the admission test my English’s level was not high enough to access that kind of Master, but this was not, for sure, a good reason to be able to stop me. The following week, in fact, I went to London for six months in order to improve the language. In this time lapse I was studying at an English School and I was working in a restaurant. This was a constructive and not easy at all experience in a context quite different from “comfort zone”, but when I come back I passed the admission test with great satisfaction. A summary of the Master’s description is not simple, for me it was 360° training. Since the first admission test I learned that nothing is given but you have to earn as much as you are willing to fight and to overcome your limits. Obviously that there were “hard and discouraging” moments, where the first thought was to give up, but in reality it was those events reminded me that I was going in the right direction. If a specific way would be so easy it could be undertaken by everyone, but fortunately it is not. The hard work was paid off, and if I can be honest I have gained more knowledge and skills than I could expect: the possibility of facing business cases with Top Managers and highly qualified teachers, the possibility to interface with different cultures in an international environment, sharing, comparison, tears, smiles, friendships, ideas, challenges and growth, both on a professional level and soft skills level. At the end jobs offer arrived fast, first a six months internship in the Administration, Finance and Control at Costa Cruise, in Genoa’s headquarters. Then the permanent contract offer in one of the biggest American Company in the IT sector, globally speaking: IBM. Currently I hold an Analyst position in the Finance and Administration department in Bratislava, which is the largest centre in Europe. With great enthusiasm I really have the ability here, on daily basis, to practice what I learned during the Master, with a very great team. I could not ask for anything better, obviously there is still a lot of work to do, to learn, to grow and to be always better but I am always ready to accept new challenges. Someone says that I am as ambitious as combative, and I cannot deny it. What I would advise to the future LUISS Business School’s students is to pursue their way with passion, motivation, determination and responsibility. May you be always courageous to accept challenges in your life, there will be difficulties, but make it as a starting point for your achievements. 22/05/2017

15 May 2017

Discovering the power of friendship: the success story of Maria Clelia Pagliaro, MBA class of 2016

MBA 2015 When I applied to the LUISS MBA program, I had just graduated with a Master’s Degree in International Politics and Foreign Affairs. The business world was fascinating to me, and I liked the idea of challenging myself in a new and diverse career path. Nonetheless, I had a gap compared with future colleagues having a background in finance, marketing or economics. So I decided to go London for an intensive Business English course: the more I could become comfortable in English, the more it would help me overcome my limits in the other subjects. So I took a flight and arrived alone in snowy cold London. By the summer, with great sacrifice and hard study, I passed the LUISS admissions exam, and I was an MBA student! The LUISS MBA program was rich, intense and challenging, and my class had a melting pot of different nationalities, languages and cultures. I had the chance to learn many topics in the business world, from statistics to corporate strategy, and this was fundamental to acquire the necessary skills to enter the job market. During the MBA I discovered the power of friendship. Not having experience in finance and economics, I was fortunate to meet two people who became my dearest friends. They were experts in those fields and helped me every day to learn these new topics. In return, I helped them to learn the more humanistic subjects. Together we overcame all the challenges (even the hardest, the unthinkable ones!) thanks to mutual support and patience.  I will be grateful to them for all my life!! Following the program I got a position with the cosmetics company where I did my first internship. I am a junior brand manager in the marketing team. The MBA was a fundamental step in my career, and the decision to do it was the most important milestone of my professional life. Looking back on my experience I would give this advice to prospective candidates: Give everything - your mind, your heart, your soul - and enjoy what will be one of the best periods of your life! 15/05/2017

08 May 2017

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone: the career of Alessandro after the LUISS MBA

MBA 2015 Over my desk hangs a saying: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. Life is more enjoyable when I experience new adventures, both in my personal life and in business.  When it came time to choose an MBA program, I wanted one that would stretch me.  So I chose the LUISS MBA. I learned from challenging classes, valuable soft skill labs, carefully selected international students and talented international faculty. I had opportunities to meet influential CEOs from Italian and international companies, as well as board members and experienced managers. The LUISS MBA was the perfect mix between academia and a learning by doing experience. And Rome was the perfect setting for this experience. It was literally possible to breathe in all the ancient history coming from the past as well as the modernity of a capital city. Nightlife was another plus because there are many places where students can experience unforgettable nights. The result of this mixture was something unique because the challenging environment fit perfectly with the charming city and the business school location. Before joining the LUISS MBA program, I worked as a consultant and an entrepreneur in the medical equipment industry, selling products and services for private clinics. I wanted to make a career change to a larger company, and the LUISS career services team suggested many opportunities with well-known Italian and international companies. Currently I am a Buyer for Babcock Mission Critical Services in the rotary wings division (part of the UK company Babcock International Group). We save lives every day in our core business of HEMS service (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service).  The LUISS MBA helped me develop the tools to succeed. Mental flexibly, stress management, hard skills and negotiation abilities are valuable allies in my current professional life. All were improved in the LUISS MBA through academic lessons and practical training. To be accepted in the LUISS MBA program, it was essential to have two big qualities: motivation and skills. To cover the cost, I applied for the “AdVenture” full tuition scholarship, making a business plan for an innovative idea. When the LUISS Admissions Office called, I was excited to hear that I was one of the winners. It taught me that if you are resilient and believe in your dreams, no one can stop you. The LUISS MBA is a 360-degree program that changed my life, taking me far past my comfort zone. I loved every minute of this incredible learning experience.


03 May 2017

The path to leadership according to Sir Martin Sorrell: a long-term commitment to the creation of value

On  March 16 2017 Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP was guest at L4T – Leader for Talent –  a series of meetings aimed for Specialized Masters and MBA Students. This insight was written by Cristina Maria Mion, Student of Full Time MBA. On March 16th, students, professors and entrepreneurs had the unique opportunity to engage in an open discussion with Sir Martin Sorrell, CEO of WPP - the world’s leading company in marketing communications services, through the LUISS Business School Leader for Talent #L4T series. Sir Martin Sorrell approached the conference in a two-way conversation, using his keen ability to recognize global trends, and his vast personal experiences, to answer questions at the forefront of the audience’s mind. The interactivity and personal insights were characteristic of today’s style of communication, and offered an enriching experience for the leaders of tomorrow to engage with an individual who has shaped the business world of today. Sir Martin initiated the discussion by sharing his perspective on those trends that are defining the global market and the actions of its members. A time characterized by low GDP growth and minimal inflation, rising cost pressure, emergence of disruptive technologies, and a growing number of active investors, represent unique challenges for current and future leaders. The most significant of these challenges was identified to be the pursuit of balance whilst facing opposing pressures. Sorrell highlighted the importance for leaders to balance the increasing demand for short-term returns and cost-cuts, alongside the growing necessity that firms adopt a more sustainable long-term perspective to growth, capital investment, and value creation. At an individual level, Sorrell translated this into an ability to balance execution and strategy, that is, that successful leaders have the capacity to inspire and develop strategic visions, without losing sight of the technical performance details necessary to bring them to fruition. Sir Martin also shared with the students his personal leadership values which are characterised by a combination of persistence and speed, a refusal to be deterred by challenges, and a keen belief that nothing is impossible. For the future leaders in the audience, this insight was invaluable and brought a renewed a sense of strength to move forward in the pursuit of meaningful change, despite the somewhat uncertain waters of today’s economy. Sorrell’s own path to leadership was influenced by advice given to him by his father who stated that “you should find an industry you enjoy, find a company you like, build a reputation in that company, and if at a certain stage, you want to go and start something on your own go and do it.” Sir Martin maintained that this piece of advice should be held true for all those pursuing leadership positions today, with the understanding that the path to leadership is neither short nor linear, but instead requires a long-term commitment to the creation of value whilst facing cyclical changes, emerging obstacles, and opposing economic pressures. The leadership conference with Sir Martin Sorrell was a highly engaging and informative event that offered future leaders the opportunity to not only better understand the aspects that are shaping the business world of today, but how to can respond to those elements and develop into the leaders that will contribute to the business world of tomorrow. (Article by Cristina Maria Mion, Full Time MBA Student)   Gallery   03/05/2017

24 April 2017

International Management students finalists of "The Mark Challenge" competition

The students of the Master in International Management Giuseppe D’Auria, Anna Stella Dolcetti, Alessandro Azzolini, Andrea Vitale and Lorenzo Chieppa were ranked in the first five positions of “The Mark challenge” a luxury business competition hosted by the International University of Monaco that involved 75 teams coming from 24 Business Schools. "The Mark" allows students with an entrepreneurial spirit to pitch a luxury or premium business idea to a professional panel of investors and community leaders. LUISS Business School students will take part in the final on April 25th introducing “ID Shield” project “which aims to reduce the problem of counterfeiting in the luxury market by exploiting the innovative blockchain technology” explains Alessandro. “It is a digital guarantee system designed to protect not only the consumer when purchasing luxury goods, but also the manufacturer and retailers, allowing them to trace and verify the goods through the entire production chain” says Stella. “The project is part of an innovation process with a significant impact in the functioning of a developed and complex market – adds Lorenzo. – The Mark Challenge is an important opportunity in order to establish an idea which could become a standard of guarantee and authenticity.” The idea “arises from the common will to exploit the latest technologies to provide an effective service starting from the luxury sector but that may easily find further purposes in other sectors with similar needs.” It is indeed a project “scalable in all those sectors in which an unalterable guarantee of authenticity is desirable or fundamental, as for example, in the pharmaceutical industry where traceability and guarantee involve not only economic dynamics but also and above all the protection of consumer healthcare.” An entrepreneurial idea that combines social impact with innovation: “ID Shield provides innovation to those who have an economic and social interest – explains Andrea – aiming to weaken the criminal business of counterfeiting and the resulting labor exploitation (child labor too) which connected to this type of activity, establishing thus a positive impact on society. ID Shield is the synthesis of an entrepreneurial spirit that looks to innovation to solve critical issues while sharing the professional background and the experience of every team member, as Giuseppe mentions: “creating an innovative startup represents the affirmation of a mindset that gained maturity from previous entrepreneurial experiences, a specific and constantly evolving technical knowledge, marketing and business development skills. It means working on a highly innovative project, that enables us to exploit the disruptive potential of IoT and combined blockchains is a strong motivational driver.” Gallery 24/04/2017

31 March 2017

Problem solving with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology

On the 9th of March MBA Part time students had the opportunity to confront themselves with a Case History in the FMCG field in which they experienced the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology to improve the procurement function within a global organization. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is an innovative and effective methodology half way between consultancy and training, designed to improve business results through the use of LEGO Blocks. The project was born in the 1990’s thanks to Kjeld Kristiansen’s initiative, he was the grandson of the founder of Lego® not to mention CEO of the company, who in order to promote the creation of a working group formed by Johan Roos and Bart Victor, both professors at IMD Business School in Lausanne, Robert Ramussen, Director of educational research of Lego® and Per Kristiansen Global Brand Director of LEGO®. The goal was to develop a strategic approach to Problem Solving for the management capable of breaking barriers and limited beliefs, opening up to new points of view and developing innovative solutions. “It is an extremely flexible facilitation, no predefined content - said Rachele Soliera, consultant and certified facilitator at LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® - particularly suitable for all those activities that need to be developed or strengthened within an organization, such as problem solving, strategic thinking effective communication and team identity.” Participants use building blocks to build models representing metaphorically their thoughts, their challenges and their personal and professional aspirations. It is transverse methodology, cross - market and cross-function applicable in different contexts, orientated to business development, as much as teams and people. This methodology increases participants self-confidence because based on the precondition that every individual can offer unique contribution to the work of the team, and thanks to this participate in problem solving. The inclusive and involving approach changes the scope of commitment of individuals towards the team and allows them to transform classic meeting where 80% of the contents is generated by 20% of the participants in workshops with a 100% level and of commitment and involvement for all. For these reasons, it is a method that has been extremely effective for starting and/or ruling shared change processes; training and assessment; create project teams; manage risks or overcome team crisis situations; facilitate participation of planned processes for citizens and civil society; facilitate networking activities, get impacting insights; develop Business Model Canvas; resolve conflicts and deal with “indisputable threads” start start-ups. Propose students to experiment with innovative approaches and transversal activities is an aim of the Part Time MBA. In light of its horizontal application, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® favours the development of managerial skills that puts at the core of business the growth of individuals and team work. “ The application of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology to the Business Case presented, is a solid example of its effectiveness - said Rachele Soliera - in a few hours students, according to the frame of the SWOT analysis identified and built up areas of strength and weakness, the threats and opportunities arising from the case concerned up to the shared Business Solution.” Gallery     31/03/2017

20 March 2017

The attitude to embrace changes, involve talents and take ethical decisions: leadership according to Marco Patuano

On  February 21 Marco Patuano, CEO of Edizione S.r.l was guest at L4T – Leader for Talent –  a series of meetings aimed for Specialized Masters and MBA students. This insight was written by Leone Bonanni, Student of Full Time MBA. On Tuesday, February 21st, full time MBA students had the opportunity to meet Marco Patuano, CEO of Edizione S.r.l through the LUISS Business School Leader for Talent series. The event was held in Sala Delle Colonne and students were extremely excited to get to meet such an influential Italian business leader. From the beginning, attendees could easily perceive Marco Patuano’s strong interpersonal skills, which are typical of today’s distinguished business leaders. As one of his main points, Marco Patuano stated that in order to be successful in our current and future endeavors, we must possess the right attitude. As future leaders, we must take pride in what we do and face every single challenge with our best effort. To be a successful leader, Patuano also highlighted that we must surround ourselves with talented individuals in order to maximize results both on a personal and a professional level. His team at Edizione S.r.l is filled with enthusiastic professionals who love what they do and strive to be the best every single day. Marco Patuano has worked in many different locations and has experienced significantly different working environments, which have allowed him to develop as a top executive manager. Patuano believes that future leaders must be keen to relocate in order to pursue a fulfilling and rewarding career due to the increased globalization trends that are taking place. Today, we live in a world that figuratively has no borders and there are potential opportunities all over the globe. The main challenges that a future leader may face are mainly related to globalization and the adaptation to changes with a particular industry. Adapting to certain changes within an industry is crucial if a firm wants to survive in a competitive environment. A leader must be able to embrace change and transfer his eagerness to change to his team ensuring positive results through high productivity and high employee morale. Another point made by Marco Patuano is that all leaders must behave in an ethical manner when making managerial and personal decisions. Patuano stated that when analyzing potential businesses to acquire, he makes sure to not invest in unethical industries or unethical firms. Today, ethics play a fundamental role in business activities due to increased visibility thanks to digital technologies and increased consumer awareness. Acquiring an unethical business may lead to devaluation of the whole brand portfolio, therefore a single wrong move may prove to be detrimental. There are also times when personal ethics may come into conflict with orders from the CEO. Marco Patuano described handling such a situation while working in Brazil and was able to deliver positive results to his CEO while preserving his own personal ethics by finding an efficient solution that worked for both parties. Making ethical decisions not only has a positive effect on the long-term sustainability of companies, but also safeguards individuals. The Leader for Talent series has once again proven to be a fantastic way for future leaders to meet current leaders and learn about the different challenges that leaders face on a daily basis. (Article by Leone Bonanni, Full Time MBA Student) Gallery 20/03/2017

24 February 2017

#MasterYourCareer - Continuous new stimulus and challenging international activities changed the way of conceiving my career: Carlo after the Master in Corporate Finance

 «Ambition, curiosity and need to challenge myself once again are the main reasons why I chose to enroll in the Master in Corporate Finance at the LUISS Business School»: the career of Carlo Venticinque after the MACOFIN   I graduated in Management Engineering and joined afterwards the Management Consulting company EY, where I worked for more than 2 years on different projects dealing with different areas from Operations Optimization to Business Development. Even though I was acquiring a good level of experience during these two years, I just felt I was missing something. Moreover, I have always been fascinated by the Corporate Finance world and its marvelous applications into the real life and in each business area: Finance is concrete and you need to know at least some if you aspire to become a good Manager. The Master in Corporate Finance at the LUISS Business School offered me the most complete and diversified path. It concerns different areas in which a manager should excel, not only the usual hard skills. We explored different aspects of finance from different points of view, while interacting with successful managers who shared with us their experience focusing on the skills the job market requires today. Not less, it gave me the opportunity to find smart colleagues who challenged me several times and pushed me to do better. The work environment is made of human connections and what really matters is the way we interact each other, how we communicate with people and especially how we inspire them. The most effective Communication and Public speaking lessons I have ever attended are actually the ones provided by the MACOFIN. The Global Business Opportunity Programme, an intensive educational path to develop an idea into s business project, and the Going Global Programme, a four month exchange at EM Lyon Business School, changed completely my way of conceiving my career and probably my life in general. These experiences enriched me with the smartness of the people that I met and helped me to realize that working abroad was what I was looking for. While I was looking for jobs in exchange, I discovered Flixbus, a company that is not widely famous yet but with an extremely interesting business model that is surprisingly expanding. I applied for a vacancy and then I joined the Business Development team for the Italian market. This working position is completely different from what I have done so far. The activities I deal with are not directly connected to the scope of the MACOFIN but I strongly believe that the knowledge acquired will be useful in my future path. I would suggest to the incoming students to leverage every single opportunity of interaction with the managers to get some good insights on how they climbed the career ladder  and what is really important to succeed in the workplace. I would suggest them to look continuously for new stimulus, following their own interests, and gather the maximum by all the international activities provided by the master to have great life experiences and build their network.   24/02/2017

25 January 2017

Leadership Through Diversity and Inclusion

LUISS Business School has positioned its female students at the centre of a new project named GROW – Generating Real Opportunities for Women. The project promotes diversity and inclusion in management culture, and has an aim to enhance the vision of leadership that could create growth in contexts characterised by high variability. In this view, diversity is considered as a resource that enriches companies with values and skills. GROW was initiated and will work as a collection of ideas and tools that helps its participants develop both their personality and professional skills. For the students of LUISS Business School participating in the GROW project means broadening their skills to become future leaders through mentoring and networking, Talent Programme and Data Girl Programme – the integrated initiatives to support the career development of women. However, it also means working with the corporate world to bring about innovation thanks to a different management culture, and to create a strong connection between the companies and the academy with an aim to build balanced teams of professionals on all organisation levels. The focus on diversity in educating the future leaders involves the whole community of LUISS Business School students: GROW is open to all students enrolled in graduate and master's programmes, including the MBA and Executive Master’s programmes. Having a direct contact with female leaders who have led a successful career and are therefore very useful role models, all the students have an opportunity to understand which aspects of their personality and professional skills should they concentrate on in order to grow. To gain self-awareness, set priorities, combine passion and hard work, go beyond one’s limits and be open-minded – these are the characteristics considered as essential for true leaders by Simonetta Iarlori, the COO of Gruppo Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. Simonetta Iarlori, who met the students during the GROW presentation on November 29, 2016, emphasised the necessity for those traits in order to be able to take complex decisions in very heterogeneous environments, and encouraged the students to work on these aspects. (Article by Marica Bartoli, student of Master in Trade Management)   03/01/2017

24 January 2017

#MasterYourCareer-"Data is meaningless without its market context": Marco, Business Analytics Specialist after the Master in Big Data

 «After my Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, I was looking for a field to apply my knowledge and my mindset: something concrete, real, demanded by the market with a great business value. The big data industry was the perfect solution to combine my passion for numbers and their application to one of the most developing areas of business»: the career of Marco, Business after attending the Master in Big Data.   In Italy, business innovation led by data analytics is only starting to develop, if compared to other countries. Nevertheless, big companies are now changing their approach to bring their business up-to-date. LUISS Business School was a pioneer in investing and believing in this great opportunity. The Master in Big Data (MaBDA) is a dynamic programme, a great source of motivation to explore the evolving world of big data. The key element of the Master’s success is the synergy of three main aspects. First, the technical part: computer science with particular attention to big data infrastructures and R, a leading data analytics programming language. Second, my favorite area: the numeric one. Data scientists deal with a mixture of mathematics, statistics and econometrics, they have to face problems in a logical way, trying to consider all the factors and the points of view involved. My background, of course, was an added value in this scenario. And last but not least, a data scientist should also have business skills: data is meaningless without its market context. As a matter of fact, MaBDA involves many subjects focused on this, and I appreciated them a lot because I had the possibility to study something new that has fostered my skills. MaBDA is not only a matter of traditional lectures: it also consists of group works, projects, workshops, all the activities that train one’s ability to work in a group, share ideas, research to find solutions and communicate. A data scientist absolutely needs these skills as well! I would recommend to those who want to attend the MaBDA programme to consider all subjects, in particular the technical ones that make up the base structure of the programme. The winning choice of the Master’s programme is to initially get acquainted with as many topics as possible in order to get a general perspective, and then deepen one’s knowledge according to personal preferences. Currently I am a trainee at a consulting company that deals exactly with data analytics and business intelligence. Thanks to the support of the LUISS Business School’s Career Service, I found the perfect solution for my ambitions. I am very satisfied being able to apply the skills I learned in a real business context. My plan is to continue growing in this company, learning other tools, and improving my analytics skills. MaBDA was a great experience: it gave me new insights, skills, motivations, and also the opportunity to meet a wonderful network of people and professionals with whom I really look forward to work with again.   24/01/2017