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07 September 2021

Be a change leader: the post-Covid challenge of the Luiss Business School

This is the main goal addressed by Matteo Caroli, Associate Dean for internationalization, during the Graduation Day with the students of the international Masters: «It's your time to inspire». «You can achieve everything in life if you don't give up»: is the message of the student Jolda Tomani, during the Valedictorian Speech. «It's time to become change-agents». With this advice Matteo Caroli, Associate Dean for internationalization of the Luiss Business School, hailed the Graduation Day of the students of the nine international masters, edition 2018/2019. In the post-Covid world, while we're facing the effects of the pandemic on our economy and society, being a change leader, a person who can inspire personal and professional communities, will be a key factor for the years to come. «It's time to become change-agents in the evolution of your organizations and time to adapt yourself to the frequent changes and transformations», said professor Caroli, who recollected all the stages of the long path walked by the students. They improved their skills and acquired new ones, expanded their network and, by the end, they had «the opportunity to grow». Graduation Day is the final step in this educational path, but it is also «the starting point» for their personal and professional future development. This complex, dynamic and challenging environment requires change agents who can also be leaders of this New Normal time. Thus, Luiss Business School believes that «education is much more than what you learn; it is about how you think and how you act. Our daily commitment is to develop passionate and inspiring leaders who believe growth and entrepreneurship are essential to achieve great results». «Being here showed me that you can achieve everything in life if you don't give up – said Jold Tomani, student of Risk management and insurance, during the Valedictorian Speech. – After finishing my bachelor’s degree in Albania in Business Administration, I decided that I had to find an opportunity to attend the master abroad or not to do the master at all: being accepted with a full scholarship taught me that if you want something, you have to try and don't give up». Living abroad, without friends who speak your language and share the same culture, makes students grow in many ways and let them change their mindset. Thanks to all the experiences shared by professors and successful leaders, students can learn how to translate vision into reality. «The most important thing that I've gained from the master is the development of the soft skills – continued Tomani, who dedicated the degree to her father – I do believe that it is very important to strengthen the hard skills and doing the best in what you do. But if you don't have the soft skills to cooperate and communicate effectively with others, even the best product won't be sold. And the best product is ourselves». The Luiss Business School Alumni become ambassadors in all professional communities, in Italy and abroad. This is powered by the “Connect” community, an exclusive network platform where the Luiss Business School Alumni have the chance to keep on talking with their peers and colleagues, matching with new professional opportunities. Starting from the Graduation Day every is welcome to “Connect”, where all the photos of the ceremony are now available. Register now! 9/7/2021

30 August 2021

International Prize Generazione Contemporanea: sixth edition

The Luiss Creative Business Centre announces the sixth edition of the International Prize Generazione Contemporanea, aimed at promoting Italian and foreign contemporary art, supporting artists under 35, and expanding Luiss Business School’s permanent collection of contemporary art. This initiative brings forth a new field of cultural innovation, not only devoted to educating young artists, but also to supporting them and researching new talents internationally. The competition requires that the works submitted develop the same theme as the exhibition “Reazioni”. The term reaction means to act in response to an action and/or in opposition to it. This 'opposing' motion has affinities with the concept of irony, when seen in terms of simulation and dissimulation. In literature, irony is the rhetorical procedure in which words take on an opposite meaning compared to what they literally express. Through the art, this attitude offers one of the possible antidotes to an era that requires not only the individual, but the entire community to accept the sense of abandonment of their freedoms and ideals. The contest provides for the assignment of a cash prize worth € 4,000.00, awarded to the first classified as a purchase-prize of the work evaluated, selected and chosen by the unquestionable judgement of the technical jury thus composed: Peter Benson Miller – Art Historian and CuratorAchille Bonito Oliva – Art Critic, Scientific Director of the Luiss Master of ArtRoberto Cotroneo – Journalist, Writer, and PhotographerPia Lauro – Independent Curator, Luiss Master of Art alumnaGianfranco Maraniello – Art Historian and CuratorGiovanna Melandri – President at Fondazione MAXXIMsgr. Paolo Nicolini - Deputy Director for the Management Department at Musei VaticaniDomenico Piraina – Director at PAC - Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea of MilanLuca Pirolo – Director at Luiss Master of ArtGuido Talarico – Director at InsideArtOne representative from the Curatorial Collective of the Luiss Master of Art - 11th edition The three finalists’ work, including the winner, will become crucial assets of the Master of Art’s final exhibition entitled “Reazioni” [Reactions], accompanied by the publication of a catalogue. Candidates may enter the competition with a single piece of artwork, either previously released or not, which clearly adheres to the Prize’s theme. All artistic media are allowed, including painting, sculpture, installation, photography, graphics, and video, with no restrictions on techniques. The contest is aimed exclusively at artists under 35. The deadline for submitting the artwork for the Prize is October 11th, 2021, no later than 12 pm (Italian time). Careful reading of the announcement is recommended. DOWNLOAD THE ANNOUNCEMENT REGISTRATION MODULE PARTICIPATION MODULE PRIVACY POLICY STATEMENT 08/30/2021

29 July 2021

Luiss Business School Master Open Day

The Master Open Day is an opportunity to find out everything about Luiss Business School's first-level master’s programmes dedicated to undergraduates in their final year and recent graduates: the selection and admission process, financial aid and scholarships, career support services, career opportunities and international experience. During the Open Day you will find answers to all your questions about the master's programme that you are interested in or, if you are not clear about which one is right for you, you will be guided in your search for the master's programme that matches your aspirations and aptitudes. Take the first step towards your career and register for the event right now. WHEN: 9 September 2021 REGISTER The event is free of charge and will take place in Rome from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. In compliance with Covid safety regulations, the Green Pass Certificate is mandatory to participate and time slots will be allocated with restricted access. Registration is required.   The master’s programmes presented: Master of ArtMaster in Big Data and Management (English)Master in Diritto Tributario Contabilità e Pianificazione FiscaleMaster in Entrepreneurship - Major in Entrepreneurship & Start upMaster in Entrepreneurship - Major in Sustainable EntrepreneurshipMaster in Food and Wine BusinessMaster in Fashion, Luxury and Tourism Management - Major in Fashion Management (English)Master in Fashion, Luxury and Tourism Management - Major in Luxury Management (English)Master in Fashion, Luxury and Tourism Management - Major in Tourism Management (English)Master in Financial Management - Major in Corporate Finance (English)Master in Financial Management - Major in Corporate Investment BankingMaster in Financial Management - Major in Amministrazione, Finanza e ControlloMaster in Financial Management - Major in Real Estate FinanceMaster in Financial Management - Major in Finanza sostenibileMaster in Gestione delle Risorse Umane e OrganizzazioneMaster in International Management (English)Master in International Management – Major in Sustainability and Energy Industry (English)Master in Management and Technology - Major in Business Transformation (English)                                                                                                                                      Master in Management and Technology - Major in Strategy for Disruptive GrowthMaster in Management and Technology - Major in Global Supply Chain (English)Master in Marketing Management - Major in Digital MarketingMaster in Marketing Management - Major in Sales and Account ManagementMaster in Marketing Management - Major in Retail, e-commerce e Gestione MulticanaleMaster in Marketing Management - Major in Digital ExportMaster in Marketing Management - Major in Corporate Event: Management, PR and CommunicationMaster in Marketing Management - Major in Horeca Trade ManagementMaster in Media and Entertainment - Major in MusicMaster in Media and Entertainment - Major in Gestione della Produzione Cinematografica e TelevisivaMaster in Media and Entertainment - Major in Sport ManagementMaster in Media and Entertainment - Major in Writing School for Cinema and TVMaster in Project Management Master in Project Management - Major in Project Management for Development CooperationConsulente Legale d'Impresa For the protection of all Open Day participants, please note that masks must be worn throughout the event. At the entrance to the venue, staff will take your temperature and hand sanitisation points will be available. 7/29/2021

07 June 2021

Call for Adjunct Professors

Luiss Business School invites outstanding candidates to fill the positions of Adjunct Professor in the following disciplines: • Accounting and Compliance • Banking • Business and Tax Law • Digital transformation • Health care management • International management • Leadership and soft skills • Marketing • Operations • Structured Finance • Sustainability & circular economy • Management of Information Systems The duration of the position is 2 years. About the School Located in the heart of Rome, Luiss Business School offers undergraduate and post-graduate programs – including MBA and Executive Education Programs. The School seeks to create a passion for quality in teaching, learning, and research, and to train individuals with strategic and analytical thinking skills. The vision of the School is reflected in the design of teaching modules and Learning Labs, such as AdVenture Lab and Soft Skill Lab. Luiss Business School values its collaboration with the business community: the institutional link with Confindustria – the largest Italian industry association – makes the interaction of the School’s community with the corporate world a common trait of daily life. More information is available at Application procedure Interested applicants should send the following information to by August 31, 2021: (1) Areas of specialization of the candidate (which areas of teaching the candidate intends to cover at Luiss Business School); (2) A resume using the attached sample; (3) A copy of the applicant’s best publications, if applicable; (4) The location the candidate intends to apply for (Rome, Milan or Belluno). Criteria · Mandatory: - Managerial positions or equivalent within companies, consulting firms, financial institutions or public institutions and/or strong expected contribution to the development of the activities of the School; - Minimum 10 years of working experience; - Assuring an exclusive commitment to Luiss Business School, i.e. excluding any form of collaboration with other business schools; - Ability to teach in English. · Preferred: - Qualified teaching experience in graduate, post-graduate and executive education; - Good record of publications; - PhD. The selected candidates will be required to: - Guarantee a minimum of 20 teaching hours per year or teach a full course at Luiss Business School upon the request of the School; - Participate in relevant activities of the School (Master’s direction, Executive course, CAB, counseling) and/or research/consultancy projects; - Attend the faculty development program focusing on the innovation of teaching methods. Benefits - Official recognition of the status of adjunct faculty member of Luiss Business School (website, business card, mail etc.); - Being part of the School’s Community - Compensation will be based on the effective activities that will be delivered. DOWNLOAD THE SAMPLE CV 6/7/2021

03 June 2021

Scholarships for young talents willing to start a career in the Energy Industry and Sustainable Development

The topic of sustainability in the energy ecosystem is at the centre of the economic and social scenarios worldwide, highlighting the need of effective actions to face the complexities of the sector and the crucial environmental issues. Because of that, it is essential that young talents interested in entering this industry acquire cutting-edge competencies and have a well-grounded understanding of a variety of elements, both theoretical and practical. The Master in International Management - Major in Sustainability & Energy Industry, offered by Luiss Business School in partnership with Iren, Terna and Tirreno Power and other main companies of this sector, aims at providing the competences to operate in this complex system. Through lessons, case studies, group work sessions, and a high-level faculty of both academics and professionals, students will better understand industry-focused concepts such as the technologies and financial modelling for Energy, the management of renewable sources of Energy and geopolitical challenges resulting from this sector. Moreover, they will participate in advanced courses with a more practical approach on managing risks, taxation, growth and retail strategies in the Energy industry. The one-year Full-time Master, entirely in English, will kick off on September 27, 2021 at Luiss Business School Milan Hub, a place focused on innovation and future. Students will have the possibility to take part in international experiences and benefit from a personalised Career Service that will support them in their search for internship opportunities. Partners like Iren, Terna and Tirreno Power give our students the unique opportunity to earn scholarships and get work experience that enriches their professional profiles. To learn more about the programme and the available scholarships and facilities, download the brochure or contact us at the number (+39) 06 8522 5302 or email address DOWNLOAD THE BROCHURE 6/3/2021

04 May 2021

Luiss Business School joins The Future of Management Education (FOME) Alliance, the global network of leading business schools

Luiss Business School, the higher education management school of Luiss Guido Carli University of Rome (Italy), becomes a new member of the Future of Management Education (FOME) Alliance. This network brings together faculty, senior management, Edtech project managers, learning designers, and media experts from each school to co-create the very best online learning experiences. Entering into the FOME Alliance, Luiss Business School joins ten partners: BI (Norway); ESMT (Germany); EDHEC (France); Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong); IE (Spain); Imperial College Business School (UK); Ivey Business School (Canada); Johns Hopkins Carey Business School (United States); SMU (Singapore); The University of Melbourne (Australia) and insendi, the London-based leading online education company, as technological partner. As a new FOME member, Luiss Business School will provide existing members with new opportunities, including resources, expertise and leadership, which will assist in the development of advanced online practices. Great attention will be paid to the field of digital transformation, and the opportunities that will arise from this, to encourage an attitude of change. The Luiss Business School will further contribute with resources, expertise and leadership to assist with the development of best online practices of innovative technological tools and pedagogical models. "We are deeply proud of this achievement which is both a goal and a recognition of the value of the educational offer of the School at the same time – says Paolo Boccardelli, Dean of the Luiss Business School. –and we have already started working together with our counterparts from the ten nations represented in the Board of the Alliance. We see digital transformation as a mindset, the main path to follow to implement our mission. In this scenario digitalization conquers the role of a key dimension, thus enabling the innovation of the teaching methods adopted, to strengthen the learning experience of our students. The Luiss Business School ethos is strongly committed to contribute to the FOME vision and mission due to their strong alignment with our School’s philosophy. Being the only Italian Business School in this network invests us with a great responsibility”. 05/04/2021

05 July 2018

The road to LUISS Business School: Andres, Full-time MBA Candidate from Colombia

For me the MBA at LUISS Business School is multicultural  “Even if I studied finance, I really care about the human side of business and its social impact: that's why I chose this MBA”. A balance between hard skills and soft skills in a multicultural environment: Andres, Full-time MBA Candidate from Colombia, tells his journey to LUISS Business School. His story is signed by diversity, as a value driving teaching and learning, and a real experience to live in the classroom day by day. “My name is Andres Gallego, I'm from Colombia, I have experience in finance and project management. I have worked in banks, insurance companies and also developing different projects with social and environmental impact. When you are a foreigner, you maybe have not a very deep understanding of the Italian either the market or the Universities but when you start to analyze the different options that you have, you find the top five, the top three, the top two businesses schools in Italy and I found LUISS as part of it. So now I think that people call LUISS as the name but actually, what it means is a free-thinking University that works and is focused on social studies. So even if I studied finance, I really care about the human side of business, the impact and the development and at the end that's why I choose this University. They have really put an effort and a focus on developing not only their normal activities, the normal lectures, but they also have a really high focus on different activities where you have the chance to develop the soft skills and that's what I like the most. Inside the classroom you have as more representation of the world, for example, in this year edition we have one representative or more or less each continent of the world, so basically, you have the chance to meet people with different ideas, different background, different experiences but also different cultures. For me the MBA at LUISS Business School is multicultural”. The LUISS MBA offers the connections to your future whether your ambition lies in starting a business or changing a large organization, transforming your world or changing the wider world. Offering a personalized learning experience driven by diversity, the LUISS MBA is your platform for new business thinking. Discover the #LUISSMBA 05/07/2018 

01 June 2018

The road to LUISS Business School: Jean-Paul, Full-time MBA Candidate from Lebanon

For me the MBA at the LUISS Business School is challenging The international core of the LUISS Business School is the outcome of a learning experience driven by diversity, which makes the classrooms of Villa Blanc a place for growth and exchange, among talents from all around the world. The story of Jean-Paul is a journey from Lebanon to the Full-time MBA of the LUISS Business School: it talks about the essence role of training “to become people that can go in this world”. A journey between Soft skills, time management and the love for Rome!   “I am Jean-Paul, I am from Lebanon, I am a mechanical engineer. I came to the LUISS Business School to continue my studies. I choose the MBA at the LUISS Business School because honestly, I really liked Rome and I thought that this MBA would complement my studies: as mechanical engineer, I will have the financial and management competencies to complement my background. For me the most important thing is the fact that the program is very focused on the person and on the soft skills, so one person that goes out from the LUISS Business School is not only good in hard skills but has also the opportunity the develop his/her own personality, that is very important in any job. The aspect that I liked most during this MBA is the personal part: we are having courses of everything from different professors from all over the world, but for me this can be in any university. The LUISS MBA gives us a big plus and helps us in the fact that they work and they train us as to become people that can go in this world, to do everything and not only to stay behind a computer or do specific stuff. The MBA is very full and we have so many things to do, but the thing that We learned the most is about time how to manage our time. For me the MBA at the LUISS Business School is challenging.” The LUISS MBA offers the connections to your future whether your ambition lies in starting a business or changing a large organization, transforming your world or changing the wider world. Offering a personalized learning experience driven by diversity, the LUISS MBA is your platform for new business thinking. Discover the #LUISSMBA 31/05/2018

24 April 2018

A worldwide famous brand? A matter of quality and communication strategy

A very stimulating talk took place on April 10, 2018 when the students of the Master of Fashion & Luxury Management met Michele Consoli, Head of Communications of Talarico Cravatte. Lucia, student of the Master, shared with us the most interesting aspects of this successful “Made in Italy” company Michele Consoli, the very young marketing and Communications Manager of Talarico, explained to the Fashion and Luxury Management class the aspects of working in a truly “Made in Italy” company, and how to survive in this global, fast-growing industry. After a brief explanation of the authentic history of the company, Mr. Consoli gave us an overview about the tie market in Italy, a very niche area but that still has a high demand, about the main competitors, and their business model, which is both B2C and B2B. It was very interesting to know that Talarico is not only focused on ties anymore but it also expanded in foulards for women, an expansion driven by one simple but very essential principle: consistency. Indeed these products are perfectly consistent with the main offer, and above all, they are made with the same material of ties, silk. They are not interested in a larger expansion so far, what they want is to stay focused on their main product offering the best quality. He explained why their products are so unique, highlighting their handcrafted details, results of an excellent craftmanship work.  Thanks to this we were able to understand why the most powerful men in the world (Presidents, politicians, CEO, ambassadors) want to wear Talarico ties. Moreover, he shared a relevant focus on the marketing and communication strategy of the firm, based on a strong storytelling and characterized by the fact of preferring print advertising instead of digital one, in order to be more credible and increase the customers’ trust. The preference of this channel is also due to the type of target they aim to (+30 years old). However, the company has its own e-commerce, and all the most influent social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, this latter is the most relevant for them. Talarico represents a really “upstream” company, which is not interested in offering too many categories of products, or invest too much on Instragram advertising, they simply want to go on offering excellent and unique products, that can satisfy even the most demanding customers, 100% Italian qualities that make Talarico well-known and appreciated all around the world. This article was written by Lucia Zanone, student of the Master of Fashion & Luxury Management  24/04/2018

28 March 2018

Leader for Talent #L4T with Marco Sala, Chief Executive Officer International Game Technology PLC

He’s the CEO of one of the few Italian companies that has been shopping abroad in recent years, a company which is a world leader in the business in which it operates. Marco Sala, Chief Executive Officer of International Game Technology PLC will meet LUISS School International Masters’ students on the occasion of Leader for Talent – #L4T, a series of meetings with speakers from the corporate world. These meetings with business leaders of important organizations are oriented to management best practices and designed to offer students the opportunity to debate current business issues to enrich their professional and soft skills. Marco Sala is Chief Executive Officer of International Game Technology PLC (IGT), and serves on its Board of Directors. He is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of the Company, which is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:IGT). He works directly with the board and other senior management to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans, and policies. Prior to April 2015, Sala served as Chief Executive Officer of GTECH S.p.A. (formerly known as Lottomatica Group) since April 2009, and was responsible for overseeing all of the Company’s segments including the Americas, International, Italy, and Products and Services. He joined the Company as Co-General Manager in 2003, and since then, has served as a member of the Board of Directors. In August 2006, he was appointed Managing Director with responsibility for the Company’s Italian Operations and other European activities. Previously, he was Chief Executive Officer of Buffetti, Italy's leading office equipment and supply retail chain. Prior to Buffetti, Sala served as Head of the Italian Business Directories Division for SEAT Pagine Gialle. He was later promoted to Head of Business Directories with responsibility for a number of international companies such as Thomson (Great Britain), Euredit (France), and Kompass (Italy). Earlier in his career, he worked as Head of the Spare Parts Divisions at Magneti Marelli (a Fiat Group company) and soon after, he became Head of the Lubricants Divisions. Additionally, he held various marketing positions at Kraft Foods. Sala graduated from Bocconi University in Milan, majoring in Business and Economics. 28/03/2018

09 February 2018

Students of the Master of Fashion & Luxury Management meet Matteo Marzotto, President of Dondup

A very stimulating and inspiring talk took place on February 5, 2018 when the students of the Master of Fashion & Luxury Management met Matteo Marzotto, President of Dondup. Lucia, student of Master of Fashion & Luxury Management, participated in this meeting: this is her story.    “Matteo Marzotto, one of the most famous Italian managers and enterpreneurs, during his speech to the Fashion and Luxury Management class, dealt with all the aspects of this fascinating and fast growing industry. We retraced together his managerial career step by step, from the early beginning, when he started working directly on textile machines in order to learn all the secrets of the production process, to the successive achievements, which boast fashion companies such as Valentino S.p.A., Vionnet S.p.A. until he has become President of Dondup. He revealed finally a secret: experts, "genius" of fashion industry ... they do not exist! What really matters is the importance of studying to develop the right skills, acquiring complete knowledge of the fashion process and putting into practice your competencies in the best way. Furthermore, a good manager never forgets about the importance of sharing". The fashion industry is a very fascinating world, characterized by extremely complex mechanisms. It is a field undergoing continuous transformations, it is dynamic, demanding and requires concrete competencies. The next generation of managers of the fashion industry will have to possess a broad range of notions and information. During the lessons, the classrooms are transformed in meeting points between great professionals of this industry and students. Influent guest speakers provide candidates with a learning outcome made by high quality professional experiences, technical notions and compelling case studies to be inspired from. Students will be shown a 360° vision of the business scene of the fashion system and all the job opportunities will be described to inspire, incentivize and direct candidates to the fashion area more suited to their inclinations and capacities. 02/09/2018

04 December 2017

A focus on Sustainable Developments Goals with Caroline Kaeb

Among the LUISS Business School ERSHub (Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability Hub) activities, on November 10 MBA students had the chance to delve into sustainability issues with Caroline Kaeb (University of Connecticut, Human Rights Institute) Assistant Professor in Business & Human Rights that held a lecture about the United Nations Sustainable Developments Goals. The sustainable developments goals (featuring 17 goals and 169 key targets) were adopted in 2015 by 193 states in the UN General Assembly to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. Dr. Kaeb's presentation discussed the role of business in achieving these goals. Understanding this role better is premised on two important aspects: First, the realization that business is not operating in a vacuum, but rather that it is affected by the environment in which it operates. Business can only prosper in healthy societies and markets free of corruption, operating under the rule of law, and with functioning infrastructure, healthy workers, and consumers who can afford their products. Second, the understanding of the need for companies to be innovative and strategic in their corporate responsibility efforts, such as to leverage their core business capabilities to innovate around societal problems rather than focusing merely on charitable giving. The Sustainability Development Goals can provide a framework for business managers to apply their strategic thinking to issues of societal importance, which shape the environment in which business operates. Watch the video (Professor Kaeb's reference to the Sustainable Development Goals is a reference to the body of 17 SDGs) During the day, MBA students participated in a challenge launched by an NGO that operates in Senegalese and Gambian schools. The challenge’s goal was focused on education and wanted our students to find a way to help children to understand what Human Rights are about. Human rights are essential to democratic development and to citizenship education. By fostering an understanding of human rights to children, the higher education can strongly support to develop in the learning process attitudes of respect of equality and dignity. Watch the gallery 04/12/2017

13 November 2017

The LUISS Master of fashion students meet Isabel May, Director of Communications & Customer Experience of

On November 14, 2017, students of the Master of Fashion & Luxury Management will have the chance to meet Isabel May, Director of Communications & Customer Experience of is an online shop for luxury and designer fashion. The mytheresa edit features clothing, bags, shoes and accessories from more than 200 international luxury designer brands such as Balenciaga, Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, and Saint Laurent, as well as key pieces from on-trend labels like Acne Studios, Isabel Marant, Mulberry, Roger Vivier, Proenza Schouler, By Malene Birger, plus many more. Mytheresa is one of the major online shops that deal with fashion and luxury with more than 200 of the world’s hottest designers; 500 New Arrivals a week from the latest runway collection; Exclusive womenswear fashion; Weekly editorials, presenting the newest trends and style inspiration; a fast, reliable delivery to over 120 countries within 72 hours. In 2014, was acquired by Neiman Marcus Group LTD LLC, a luxury, multi-brand omni-channel fashion retailer. Isabel May has been working in the fashion and luxury sector for over 20 years. She joined as Director Communications & Customer Experience after holding leadership positions in the luxury goods business at ESCADA and Swarovski. She holds a Master of Business Administration from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich.  She was co-founder and partner at the management consultancy brandlab, specializing in developing brand and marketing strategies for fashion brands and retail companies. In her role she is overseeing all communication activities including PR, events and social media as well as customer experience including brand collaborations, campaign planning, promotions, personal shopping and top client development. All LUISS Business School Masters offer the chance to meet influent guest speakers that provide candidates with a learning outcome made by high quality professional experiences, technical notions and compelling case studies to be inspired from. Meeting Isabel May and learning about will help students to understand the business scene of the fashion system. Watch the gallery   13/11/2017

03 October 2017

Humanity, humility and friendship: LUISS MBA Elizabeth's experience

My most memorable experience of LUISS Business School is the humanity, humility and friendship of my classmates and the LUISS Business School staff. I have a degree in Law, and before my MBA, I worked as a lawyer for a firm in Venezuela. When I had to deal with the world of economics, it was complicated for me to understand, so I decided to do an MBA. In the beginning I was scared. While I have always been an excellent student, the world of economics was new to me, and I was terrified about not being able to achieve this challenge at the level I wanted to achieve. From the first day, every person on the campus made me feel that I was going to make it, and the fear changed into excitement and curiosity. The reputation of LUISS in Italy is WOW. I really liked the individual attention. You are not a number; you have a name and a personality. The most amazing resource of the school is the people who work every day to deliver the best experience possible. In December of my MBA year I broke my ankle. It was incredible the way every person in the program was worried about me and my health, the way my classmates helped me out not to lose a single class or project and the way the professors helped me understand every topic. That humanity was my best gift from this MBA. Following my MBA I joined the Dorna Group as legal counsel, a company producing the WorldSBK and MotoGP events. My MBA experience has helped me to be more effective in my job because I am able to discuss a large range of business topics with confidence. I am also much more willing to try new things, which has helped me to improve my performance both at work and in my personal life. My advice to prospective candidates is to live the program intensely. In the beginning it seems long, but it goes very fast. Experience the magic of Rome by taking a walk, using public transportation, drinking coffee in the campus bar where they are always smiling and eating near the campus in one of the many places with good food, good prices and a good environment. Also experience the beautiful architecture of the campus. Consider doing an exchange program; I went to Hong Kong and the experience was incredible. Finally, enjoy it. You are a professional looking for something more to be competitive in the job market. We study our whole life to get hard skills, but soft skills are the ones that will allow you to be different from the others. Develop them, make friends, learn from the professors and guests, talk with the university´s team, every person will give you advice that someday you will use. I lived many things during my time at LUISS Business School. Every single experience made me a better person. Even now that I am far from there, I will always feel part of LUISS Business School. 02/20/2017

17 July 2017

“The LUISS MBA? A Monumental Experience”: to take a step toward a Finance career, Rafael choose LUISS Business School

Prior to joining the LUISS MBA program, Rafael Da Cruz Bezerra studied electrical engineering in Brazil and France. Then he worked in Brazil and Mozambique in Procurement and Internal Control for Vale S.A., one of the world’s largest mining companies. When he decided that an MBA was the next step toward a Finance career, Rafael wanted to study on a prestigious course in Italy and found LUISS Business School. Describing his LUISS MBA experience, Rafael said, “What I like best about the program is that with the small class size we have really bonded together. In addition, I have enjoyed the marketing courses, even if my focus area is Finance. The most memorable part of my year so far has been participating in the Finance Competition in Milan. There my colleagues and I saw that our course preparation was equal to that of other business schools like London Business School, HEC Paris or Insead. I recommend participating in competitions like this as well as exchanges or electives with other business schools. These experiences are very rich, much more than I anticipated. They are great for networking and giving a broader vision of where other business schools focus. They are also good to see the strengths of our own school. Living in Rome has also been an important part of my experience. My one word description of Rome is 'monumental'.  Everything here is in a different scale and always very impressive. After this first impact you start to realize that there are a multitude of Rome’s, with so many places and facets to discover. I live just outside Rome in a little town called Paliano, and I come often into Rome. It is a great city in all senses: culturally, night life and personal life (people are extremely friendly). One more piece of advice for prospective students is to learn a little Italian to really discover Italy. It is so much more than the big cities (Rome, Milan….) and with so much to offer, not just in business. My MBA experience so far has been great. My goal after the MBA is to have a career in Finance.  In the meantime I am working hard to enjoy every minute of these 15 months through my classroom learning, through exchange experiences and through living in Rome.” 17/07/2017

20 June 2017

Achieving an Automotive Career Dream: Ernesto, Brand & Marketing Analyst at Renault Italy, after the LUISS MBA

Since I was young, I have been passionate about cars and the automotive industry. During my economic studies in Milan, I worked in “Mercedes-Benz Milano”, which confirmed my interest in this field. After my university studies, I needed something that could help me put into practice all the theory I had learned. After long research, I thought an MBA could help me develop diverse skills to apply in many different professional situations. So I started an Executive Master focused on the automotive Industry and then an MBA, both at LUISS Business School in Rome. The best part of the MBA program was the practical approach of the teaching methods and the 360° degree personal development. I especially liked the continuous combination of work on hard and soft skills. Soft skills help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and work ethic including communication, problem solving, leadership and team collaboration. Hard skills are the same for everyone; soft skills differentiate you. Without any doubt, the most memorable experience was the “MBA-life”: waking up early in the morning, focusing on our goals all day and studying in the evening. It was fun because we students became like a family. We were often together and shared joys and sorrows. I have known great people who are my best friends. It was really an unforgettable experience. Living in Rome was also an important part of this experience. It allowed me to cultivate my passion for walking, exploring new things including art exhibitions. Living in a multiethnic city, rich with art and history, expanded my personal culture.  Plus Rome is the capital of Italy, and many multinational companies, especially in the automotive industry, have headquarters in Rome. I completed the last six months of the MBA in Paris, where I attended courses at ESSEC Business School. I wanted to learn a new language and experience the French culture and business environment. Back in Italy, my dream was to work in an automotive company, and I did many job interviews.  LUISS played a key role at this stage because it supported and directed me toward the best choices. We had several “career service” meetings where we simulated job interviews, learning how to handle stressful situations such as those sitting in front of an HR manager. Finally Groupe Renault hired me, after four rounds of interviews, in three languages ​​ with several tests. Groupe Renault is the third largest automotive group in Italy, after Fiat and Volkswagen, and its “Renault Clio” is the most popular foreign car in Italy.  My role is Brand & Marketing Analyst, and my team is responsible for pricing and positioning strategies for the Italian market. To be more precise, we are responsible for the analysis of trends and their impact on vehicle demand, and we are modifying constantly our car prices to respond to competitors' strategies. We collaborate with other business units, and we respond directly to the global management team to improve information flows and update weekly sales forecasts. When prospective LUISS MBA candidates contact me now, I tell them that companies are no longer looking for people who are prepared, skilled or with several degrees. They are looking for people who can bring innovation, ideas and… value! The LUISS MBA is a very intense and difficult program, and at the end, you feel great discovering how you have grown. The LUISS MBA has been an important step for me to bring this value and to achieve my career dream.

19 June 2017

The kick off of the Field Project Work of the LUISS Part time MBA students with WIND|3

On June 9, the kick off meeting of the Field Project Work of the LUISS Part time MBA students. A conclusive challenge of this advanced training and career path entirely taught in English, which allows students to elaborate a business consulting project working side by side with employers. Giancarlo Mazza, Head of Marketing Large & Top Offer WIND|3 will be supporting a team of LUISS Part time MBA students in realizing a strategic Marketing Plan for Large Enterprise Segment in Telecommunications industry with specific focus on ICT and new technologies trends. Starting from market segmentation and competition analysis, the project engages students to provide a strategic-medium term recommendation for WIND|3 through a SWOT analysis and WIND|3 positioning evaluation. As Giancarlo Mazza stated: “With this project WIND|3 confirms its willingness to drive digital transformation in B2B using also competencies and skills coming from executive educational program”. This innovative learning experience – based on a pragmatic approach – aims to develop students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes facing real problems and proposing real solutions to business related issues. Thanks to the guidelines and the suggestions shared directly by a top leader in the industry, the field project is a unique opportunity for the students to deepen how a distinct sector performs and consequently realize the skills to improve for their own career path. 19/06/2017

12 June 2017

A dream to join a European fashion apparel company: Natasha, US to Italy with the LUISS MBA program

Natasha Kuzmanovic has a dream to join a European fashion apparel company. Building on 11 years’ experience, most recently as Director of Merchandising at the University of Southern California (USC, one of the largest NCAA teams in the United States), the LUISS MBA is preparing her with the business, industry and cultural skills to make this transition. “Once I started considering the possibility of moving to Rome, I began to research schools in Italy. Through word of mouth I learned that LUISS has an unparalleled reputation in the Italian business community. From the beginning it was apparent that being associated with LUISS carries a lot of weight in Italy, especially in Rome. This was the driving factor in my decision making process.” As an American living in Rome, Natasha appreciates the hard-working and balanced lifestyle.  “Living in Rome is a unique experience that combines magnificent art and history with the modern world. The lifestyle in Rome replicates this model of time standing still and dynamic progress.   People are eager to work hard as well as to slow down and enjoy a good meal or time with friends. I find this balance very refreshing after living in United States, where the emphasis is more often on work than anything else.  My experience in Rome has been that we get everything accomplished, and we hold each other accountable, while respecting the boundaries and the need for personal life.” The program elements that make a difference for Natasha are the structure, complex problem solving and class diversity.  “The program is well-structured because it provides a good balance of a strong academic foundation with practical knowledge. As a class, we are challenged to solve complex problems, to think critically, to connect the dots and to get out of our comfort zone. The class diversity is an incredible advantage. Different backgrounds, education levels, skill sets and experiences contribute to dynamic and challenging discussions and help maintain high standards. We learn as much from each another as we do from professors.  The class profile is high quality, and we are constantly raising the bar higher. For example, our presentations have gone from basic, simple, and uncertain to elaborate, comprehensive, engaging and creative works of art. The LUISS MBA has been an invaluable experience for me. It has changed my life for the better, and I feel confident that I can succeed in the job market. I started this program hoping to get any job and now feel the ball is my court, and I can go after my dream.  Taking a year to attend the LUISS MBA program is changing the playing field for my entire career.”

23 May 2017

Building a global Perspective: the story of Wen Ting Chang, LUISS MBA class of 2016

MBA 2016 "Prior to the LUISS MBA, I worked for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan. I had accumulated significant experience in organizing diverse activities, including governmental ceremonies and visiting programs of foreign political leaders. I had also led one branch of a renowned Taiwanese educational institute, setting annual plans and budgets, and our team was recognized as best branch of the year. After all this experience in Taiwan, however, I realized that I needed to 'Go Global' to become more competitive in the dynamic global business environment. The LUISS MBA was appealing because it helped a person like me, with limited financial and economic experience, to build a solid knowledge of business, both hard and soft skills. The most critical part of the program was the international perspective shared between the diverse nationalities of faculty and participants. This allowed me to meet, work and become friends with people from around the world. My most memorable MBA experience was with an international social impact program. The project was in partnership with Energia per i Diritti Umani (Energy for the Human Rights), a non-profit organization financing and managing schools for children in Senegal, Gambia and India. Our team participated in a competition called “MBA for Africa”, in which we designed, under time pressure, a game for Senegalese children to educate them on the importance of team work and role play. Following the competition the organization brought the best design to Senegal, teaching children there how to play the game and understand the lesson behind it. I was thrilled to have strengthened my ability to work in a group under pressure, and we learned the power of bonding. Each team member had distinct backgrounds with different work patterns and habits. To achieve high-performance, we needed to build trust and have each person in the right place to conquer the challenge.   This experience gave me the opportunity to DO something meaningful for society, contributing as a member of the global village. The LUISS MBA program was intense but worthwhile. It enriched my global perspective and my personal experience. I have become more confident and ready to confront and solve challenges. It was also a place to nourish my awareness of social global issues. In the end I achieved my goal. I have developed my career into the next level and am enthusiastic about my life and future". 23/05/2017

22 May 2017

#MasterYourCareer - Challenges and difficulties in your life are the starting point for your achievements: Greta, IBM Analyist after the Master in Corporate Finance

«The Master in Corporate Finance was 360° training. Since the first admission test I learned that nothing is given but you have to earn as much as you are willing to fight and to overcome your limits. At the end job offers arrived fast»: Greta, IBM Analyst presso IBM in the Finance and Administration department in Bratislava, which is the largest centre in Europe.  “If you want something, go and get it. Point.” (from “The Pursuit of Happiness”) I am Greta, I am 27 years old and my passion is Finance. After obtaining the Master of Science in Economics, Management and Corporate Finance cum laude and a scarce job offer I felt I needed to specialize more in that field; hence the decision to enroll in the post degree Corporate Finance’s Master at the LUISS Business School. From the admission test my English’s level was not high enough to access that kind of Master, but this was not, for sure, a good reason to be able to stop me. The following week, in fact, I went to London for six months in order to improve the language. In this time lapse I was studying at an English School and I was working in a restaurant. This was a constructive and not easy at all experience in a context quite different from “comfort zone”, but when I come back I passed the admission test with great satisfaction. A summary of the Master’s description is not simple, for me it was 360° training. Since the first admission test I learned that nothing is given but you have to earn as much as you are willing to fight and to overcome your limits. Obviously that there were “hard and discouraging” moments, where the first thought was to give up, but in reality it was those events reminded me that I was going in the right direction. If a specific way would be so easy it could be undertaken by everyone, but fortunately it is not. The hard work was paid off, and if I can be honest I have gained more knowledge and skills than I could expect: the possibility of facing business cases with Top Managers and highly qualified teachers, the possibility to interface with different cultures in an international environment, sharing, comparison, tears, smiles, friendships, ideas, challenges and growth, both on a professional level and soft skills level. At the end jobs offer arrived fast, first a six months internship in the Administration, Finance and Control at Costa Cruise, in Genoa’s headquarters. Then the permanent contract offer in one of the biggest American Company in the IT sector, globally speaking: IBM. Currently I hold an Analyst position in the Finance and Administration department in Bratislava, which is the largest centre in Europe. With great enthusiasm I really have the ability here, on daily basis, to practice what I learned during the Master, with a very great team. I could not ask for anything better, obviously there is still a lot of work to do, to learn, to grow and to be always better but I am always ready to accept new challenges. Someone says that I am as ambitious as combative, and I cannot deny it. What I would advise to the future LUISS Business School’s students is to pursue their way with passion, motivation, determination and responsibility. May you be always courageous to accept challenges in your life, there will be difficulties, but make it as a starting point for your achievements. 22/05/2017

15 May 2017

Discovering the power of friendship: the success story of Maria Clelia Pagliaro, MBA class of 2016

MBA 2015 When I applied to the LUISS MBA program, I had just graduated with a Master’s Degree in International Politics and Foreign Affairs. The business world was fascinating to me, and I liked the idea of challenging myself in a new and diverse career path. Nonetheless, I had a gap compared with future colleagues having a background in finance, marketing or economics. So I decided to go London for an intensive Business English course: the more I could become comfortable in English, the more it would help me overcome my limits in the other subjects. So I took a flight and arrived alone in snowy cold London. By the summer, with great sacrifice and hard study, I passed the LUISS admissions exam, and I was an MBA student! The LUISS MBA program was rich, intense and challenging, and my class had a melting pot of different nationalities, languages and cultures. I had the chance to learn many topics in the business world, from statistics to corporate strategy, and this was fundamental to acquire the necessary skills to enter the job market. During the MBA I discovered the power of friendship. Not having experience in finance and economics, I was fortunate to meet two people who became my dearest friends. They were experts in those fields and helped me every day to learn these new topics. In return, I helped them to learn the more humanistic subjects. Together we overcame all the challenges (even the hardest, the unthinkable ones!) thanks to mutual support and patience.  I will be grateful to them for all my life!! Following the program I got a position with the cosmetics company where I did my first internship. I am a junior brand manager in the marketing team. The MBA was a fundamental step in my career, and the decision to do it was the most important milestone of my professional life. Looking back on my experience I would give this advice to prospective candidates: Give everything - your mind, your heart, your soul - and enjoy what will be one of the best periods of your life! 15/05/2017

08 May 2017

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone: the career of Alessandro after the LUISS MBA

MBA 2015 Over my desk hangs a saying: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. Life is more enjoyable when I experience new adventures, both in my personal life and in business.  When it came time to choose an MBA program, I wanted one that would stretch me.  So I chose the LUISS MBA. I learned from challenging classes, valuable soft skill labs, carefully selected international students and talented international faculty. I had opportunities to meet influential CEOs from Italian and international companies, as well as board members and experienced managers. The LUISS MBA was the perfect mix between academia and a learning by doing experience. And Rome was the perfect setting for this experience. It was literally possible to breathe in all the ancient history coming from the past as well as the modernity of a capital city. Nightlife was another plus because there are many places where students can experience unforgettable nights. The result of this mixture was something unique because the challenging environment fit perfectly with the charming city and the business school location. Before joining the LUISS MBA program, I worked as a consultant and an entrepreneur in the medical equipment industry, selling products and services for private clinics. I wanted to make a career change to a larger company, and the LUISS career services team suggested many opportunities with well-known Italian and international companies. Currently I am a Buyer for Babcock Mission Critical Services in the rotary wings division (part of the UK company Babcock International Group). We save lives every day in our core business of HEMS service (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service).  The LUISS MBA helped me develop the tools to succeed. Mental flexibly, stress management, hard skills and negotiation abilities are valuable allies in my current professional life. All were improved in the LUISS MBA through academic lessons and practical training. To be accepted in the LUISS MBA program, it was essential to have two big qualities: motivation and skills. To cover the cost, I applied for the “AdVenture” full tuition scholarship, making a business plan for an innovative idea. When the LUISS Admissions Office called, I was excited to hear that I was one of the winners. It taught me that if you are resilient and believe in your dreams, no one can stop you. The LUISS MBA is a 360-degree program that changed my life, taking me far past my comfort zone. I loved every minute of this incredible learning experience.